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Pet Snake returns with powerful new single 'Getting Older'!

First coming to attention as part of Clean Cut Kid, songwriter and vocalist Pet Snake is well known in the Liverpool scene for her rich vocal talents and introspective songwriting abilities.

She has just returned with her first single of 2024, ‘Getting Older’, and it is perhaps her most powerful and most melodic track to date.

There are certain elements that we have come to expect with Pet Snake’s music; the rich warmth of her voice and the swooping delivery of her melodies are as beautiful as ever. However, this is more densely layered that a lot of her previous work with a gritty guitar line adding a punchy edge underneath her vocals and elevating the poignancy of her lyricism. Meanwhile, ethereal backing harmonies create an immersive velvety texture that is occasionally punctuated by guitar flair.

The beat is simple and steady yet becomes increasingly hypnotic as the song goes on. In fact, so do all elements of the song. The chorus melodies aren’t ones that grab you by the throat yet they grow on you with every listen and by the end they are well and truly stuck with you, casting a nostalgic, sentimental air.

This is probably our favourite Pet Snake track to date and we can’t wait for more! 


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