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Vonverras Vonverras - Live @ The Zanzibar

For many of the Saturday night attendance, they had just endured their first week back in college, so what better way to shake of the school slump with a night of messy indie-rock in the heart of Liverpool. Although September does mark the end to festival season , it also signals the return of your weekly dose of local live music. The small Liverpool bar , renowned for it's musical atmosphere played host to a number of local acts, most notably, four-piece 'Vonverras Vonverras' , bringing the venue to life with a blend of their own music and crowd pleasing covers. A clearly talented group with two members only fifteen. Although their renditions of indie classics (especially their full-throttle version of 'Reptillia') obviously went down well, the most impressive side to the band were their various self written tracks.

Something becoming increasingly important once again, is something the quartet have in and passion. The on stage showmanship of lead singer 'Jonny Blackburn' brings this aggression in performance every music fan want to see nowadays, really immersing the crowd in every song . However, while providing the perfect amount of atmosphere to their live sets, the band do not neglect the technical side, not slipping into the age-old trick of attempting to re-write an Oasis classic with the 'edge' of the Arctic Monkey's but failing miserably , 'Vonverras Vonverras' have somehow managed to create a unique sound to add into an over-packed indie scene. Tracks such as 'I've Never Cared Less' showcase the bands natural talent, completely switching rhythm and pace for the chorus as well as the musical to one of their earlier tracks 'Sober' which grows in depth, building to a mash up of the bands energy, simply brilliant quality with a more emotional sense of meaning nearer the end. Overall, undoubtedly the highlight of the night and of the most under-rated emerging bands in Liverpool.

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