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Singles of the month: June 2022 ft. PIXEY, Paolo Nutini Inhaler & more!

Pixey - Come Around (Sunny Day)

Indie-pop upstart Pixey has just released her first 2022 single just in time for summer. 'Come Around (Sunny Day)' is a moody indie-pop record with a 90’s influence. The lyrics come from the perspective of a tongue-tied Pixey who is not able to say how she feels. Though the lyrics are about uncertainty, her production has an upbeat and colorful vibe. Her soundscape incorporates catchy melodies such as a break-beat sample and a looping guitar. Her ability to carefully blend guitar and drum back-beats is perfect showcase of her songwriting abilities. Sonically, she captivates listeners into the world of her emotions while maintaining optimistic production. Heartfelt lyrics emphasize her euphonious vocal ability. Her artistry is admirable while listening, it is clear she is not afraid to be experimental with her lyrics and sound.

The Liverpool native produces her own work from scratch. She taught herself guitar, drum, and bass as well as self-production techniques. Today, she composes her own guitar hooks, writes her own lyrics, and delivers unique vocals on every record she creates. She credits writing and recording in her bedroom as her preferred environment for composing avant-garde tracks and gaining inspiration. Her ability to be a one-woman band is admirable and it is evident that she has the ear and edge to create a new era of innovative indie-pop sounds. Since releasing her euphoric track 'Young', she has established herself as one of the best emerging artists to watch. She has garnered a dedicated UK following and has been endorsed by some the biggest names in the business. This summer is looking particularly well for the young artist as she embarks on a rapidly selling UK tour following the BBC 1 Radio premiere of the new single. (words from Zuri Soto)

Paolo Nutini - Petrified In Love

Although one of the most distinctive and popular voices in music over the last 15 years, Italian/Scottish songwriter Paolo Nutini is infamously sporadic when it comes to releasing new music. After leaving five years between his sophomore record 'Sunny Side Up' and album number three 'Caustic Love' and then waiting another 8 years before his next release fans had started to believe that he was retired from the music game. However, album number four 'Last Night In The Bittersweet' is finally is arriving tomorrow (July 1st) and this month saw him release his last few singles to tease the new record.

'Shine A Light' opened with an not so typical electro pulse that sets up a steady, stomping Rock beat. Paulo sings pretty gently on top of this which, with the help of slightly sinister, drawn out chords, creates a tension-building contrast between angst and calm before a euphoric ending that feels purpose built for the picturesque venues in which he now performs. 'Acid Eyes' then focuses fully on his vocals, opening with an a Capella layer of vocal harmony. The instrumentals then join forces but continue to play a more atmospheric secondary role allowing his characterful personality to shine through with authentic emotion. The final single 'Petrified In Love' returns to his original Indie origins with its bright, scrappy riffs and catchy melodies. It is perhaps the least "sophisticated" of the new tracks however it displays that he is still in touch with the passionate love for music and youthful spirit that first sprung him to national fame. If you have been yearning after the endearingly simplistic tunes from Paolo's early days then this one is for you.

Inhaler - These Are The Days

Inhaler come roaring into summer 2022 with their hoppy new single ‘These Are The Days’. Dublin’s four piece return after the release of their 2021 debut album ‘It Won’t Always Be Like This’, which was well received by fans and critics alike. The band has already expressed their upbeat, theatrical nature with a hint of edgy carelessness and this single doesn’t take away from that.

The track is rife with bright, melodic guitar riffs and spacey synth notes. All held down by tight, impactful drums that flow through a thick, thundering bass line. The fast-paced intro kicks the single off with a loud, thumping build up that inevitably bursts into a colourful indie explosion, in the same way Inhaler know all too well. After the listener finds themselves hooked on the track’s gritty alternative groove, they’ll soon enter the dreamscapes lying within the synth’s fun yet dramatic tone.With soft and melodic, as well as heavy and distorted sections, the 3 minutes and 42 seconds display the band’s ability to create a bittersweet depiction of the world they find themselves in. A dark and confusing reality of youth blended with a romantic optimism that overshadows all.

The song does not differ too far from the band’s previous material however, which some may find points of criticism in. Although, as it serves a similar purpose to their existing discography, it provides room for Inhaler to build on a path they’ve already cemented. ‘These Are The Days’ is another playful, yet sentimental tune from Inhaler that grabs you by the ears and tells you a tale of youthful angst and hopeless romanticism. (Words from Matt Gladman)

Luna Blue - Domestic Alligator

Brighton seem to be producing a swathe of new talent in recent years and one of the artists at the forefront of this new wave is Indie Pop outfit Luna Blue. With two undeniably euphoric singles in 2022, they are quickly becoming one of the country's most exciting Indie acts. In March 'Lou Lou' announced their intentions for the year with its funky verses led by crisp, direct and powerful vocals that linger long in your mind. Now, 'Domestic Alligator' has proved that this was far from a fluke!

The new single is even more supercharged than the last and radiates even more purified joy. The verses are filled with more swagger than before, as the fuzzy guitar flicks and punchy drum hits set a groove for the vocals to light up the track with a confident flair. However, it is the chorus that will live long in the memory. An ansgty build-up draws the tension before the synths lead the charge once more in frenzy of Indie-Pop ecstasy that is built for the pure enjoyment of festival life. It is designed to be sang back at the top of your voice and it is the perfect high-energy release to get everyone dancing as one. This is a must-see live, so head to their website to see them live this summer.


Inspired by the meaningful methods of old, brand new Galway-based songwriter MONSTERS DUE takes influence from the crackling vinyl that plays around him while working in his local record store. Artists like New Order and Joy Division are particularly close to his heart and have prompted him to begin writing his own, lyrically thoughtful tracks that he has finally put onto record.

His debut single 'Real' initially reflects the slightly sunken emotion of his music influences. Bittersweet synth lines never soar too high whilst sporadic guitar drums just flavour his purposefully reserved vocal delivery that entices you in and makes you hope for a glimpse of euphoria... and this is exactly what comes. A bouncy swirl of funky Indie-dance energy ensues with an uptempo drum shuffle and a super catchy vocal chorus makes for an infectious NOISY esc anthem. A fantastic debut that will surely make noise in the Indie world, we can't wait for more!

CANDID - The Truth

Coventry quartet Candid have been slowly building a following, somewhat under the radar, for over five years now. They have released a stream of singles over this period, with each track packing exciting elements of Indie Rock favourites. From the confident Kings Of Leon esc landscape of their 2016 debut 'Moving On' to the Kooks like harmonies of 2019's 'Concrete Jungle' they have always displayed a songwriting maturity. There's always a great balance between the crisp vocal delivery and the overlapping instrumental melodies that results in a really full sound. Unlike many new bands they have showed this ability from the start, yet their last single 'Wasted Time' sprung them into a new dimension with its more synth infused, colourful sound.

Their latest single and first of 2022 'The Truth' has continued in the same vain. It opens with a shattering synth melody that will light up any venue in an instant. A plethora of jangly guitars set the scene before an electrifying chorus with high notes crashing down from synths and vocals alike. Towards the end, the percussion ramps things up a gear, leading an intense sonic charge that all other elements follow with appropriate force. High energy, high passion and non-stop excitement. After the likes of Blossoms and Inhaler have lighten up the indie scene with their electro Pop melodies it seems that CANDID are next in line to take over the Indie-synth crown.

Bosola - Space and Time

Newcastle's new Alt-Rock trio have become known for dipping their toes into just about every kind of sonic water. Previously their sound has shape-shifted between heavy instrumental power and sunny melodic rhythms from the crashing intensity of 'Ophelia Headstrong' to the tangled 90s atmosphere of 'Me On A Good Day' they rarely linger on one sound for too long before moving to fresh pastures.

Their new single 'Space & Time' is no exception to this rule and has seen them explore a completely new musical avenue. The stripped back Folky opening that features just a winding guitar and unfiltered natural vocal sets the scene for an intimate acoustic number reminscent of the more contemplative parts of Alt-J. However, this is a mere set up for the bounding, light-hearted energy that is to come. A jaunty, Country-influenced shuffle takes hold and instantly makes you want to get up and sway those hips from side to side. The guitars are lively and full of uplifting, carefree spirit while the vocals feel almost familiar, as if they are being sung by one of your friends in the local pub. This familiar energy creates a really welcoming and fun-infused sound that just makes you want to forget any troubles and dance your stress away. This is certainly their most uplifting track and adds another variety of competent songwriting into their growing discography.



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