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Pixey returns with 'Come Around (Sunny Day)', the new single that oozes with sunshine energy!

Indie-pop upstart Pixey has just released her first 2022 single just in time for summer. 'Come Around (Sunny Day)' is a moody indie-pop record with a 90’s influence. The lyrics come from the perspective of a tongue-tied Pixey who is not able to say how she feels. Though the lyrics are about uncertainty, her production has an upbeat and colorful vibe. Her soundscape incorporates catchy melodies such as a break-beat sample and a looping guitar. Her ability to carefully blend guitar and drum back-beats is perfect showcase of her songwriting abilities. Sonically, she captivates listeners into the world of her emotions while maintaining optimistic production. Heartfelt lyrics emphasize her euphonious vocal ability. Her artistry is admirable while listening, it is clear she is not afraid to be experimental with her lyrics and sound.

The Liverpool native produces her own work from scratch. She taught herself guitar, drum, and bass as well as self-production techniques. Today, she composes her own guitar hooks, writes her own lyrics, and delivers unique vocals on every record she creates. She credits writing and recording in her bedroom as her preferred environment for composing avant-garde tracks and gaining inspiration. Her ability to be a one-woman band is admirable and it is evident that she has the ear and edge to create a new era of innovative indie-pop sounds. Since releasing her euphoric track 'Young', she has established herself as one of the best emerging artists to watch. She has garnered a dedicated UK following and has been endorsed by some the biggest names in the business. This summer is looking particularly well for the young artist as she embarks on a rapidly selling UK tour following the BBC 1 Radio premiere of the new single.


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