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Inhaler return with 'These Are The Days', their new summer-ready anthem

Inhaler come roaring into summer 2022 with their hoppy new single ‘These Are The Days’. Dublin’s four piece return after the release of their 2021 debut album ‘It Won’t Always Be Like This’, which was well received by fans and critics alike. The band has already expressed their upbeat, theatrical nature with a hint of edgy carelessness and this single doesn’t take away from that.

The track is rife with bright, melodic guitar riffs and spacey synth notes. All held down by tight, impactful drums that flow through a thick, thundering bass line. The fast-paced intro kicks the single off with a loud, thumping build up that inevitably bursts into a colourful indie explosion, in the same way Inhaler know all too well. After the listener finds themselves hooked on the track’s gritty alternative groove, they’ll soon enter the dreamscapes lying within the synth’s fun yet dramatic tone.

With soft and melodic, as well as heavy and distorted sections, the 3 minutes and 42 seconds display the band’s ability to create a bittersweet depiction of the world they find themselves in. A dark and confusing reality of youth blended with a romantic optimism that overshadows all.

The song does not differ too far from the band’s previous material however, which some may find points of criticism in. Although, as it serves a similar purpose to their existing discography, it provides room for Inhaler to build on a path they’ve already cemented.

‘These Are The Days’ is another playful, yet sentimental tune from Inhaler that grabs you by the ears and tells you a tale of youthful angst and hopeless romanticism.

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