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Liverpool Digital Music Festival - PREVIEW

It is no secret that Merseyside, and in fact the whole country, has been sent into shock during lockdown. There is no part of the community that has been left unaffected. The music scene of course has taken its hit; with live shows being cancelled, artists are struggling to get work and venues are only surviving day by day thanks to the kindness of locals. However, this has not stopped Liverpool's bright creatives doing what they love. Thanks to Liverpool Digital Music Festival

(Ldm Festival), we have a weekend packed full of great music to look forward to so strap yourself in and indulge in the city's emerging talent!

Liverpool Digital Music Festival is an all-digital, online festival to celebrate Liverpool's music in support of Liverpool based NHS hospitals and Save Our Venues. It will take place between the 22nd-25th of May (22nd date added due to demand) kicking off at 8pm on the Friday. It will host 100 live performances across the weekend, aiming to bring Liverpool related artists together whilst streaming from their own homes for a unified good cause whilst maintaining social distancing. 

So kick back this weekend and sample Liverpool's finest music. Here are our top 5 picks that you can't miss!


Kicking off the festival is an artist who is quickly establishing a foothold across the Liverpool music scene. His sound is unique to the area, and in fact, unique full stop. Blending disjointed hip-hop beats with a laid-back yet poignant vocal style, Munkey Junkey's music drops you onto a little island of solitude where you can sit back and indulge in the sounds.

Having been born in New York and then lived in the Middle East, Switzerland and London it seems appropriate that Munkey Junkey has settled here on Merseyside, a landscape that attracts some of the world's most exciting creatives. We should be glad that we have gained another one in Munkey Junkey. His travelled mind concocts somewhat strange yet undeniably enticing tracks, best sampled on his latest EP 'Numbness' or even better tonight at Liverpool Digital Music Festival! Don't miss him!

Read our interview with Munkey Junkey & Zuzu here.

Natalie McCool - Friday @ 9:20PM

The renowned alternative pop star is one of the most talented songwriter's to come out of Merseyside in recent years. After cultivating a dark, explorative tone in her early years, Natalie McCool has grown into a new energetic and upbeat sound. Her latest single 'Closure' offers a more dancey feel than her acoustic folk past. The galloping drums and interjecting synths create an energising platform for freedom and expression.

However, her dangerous edge has not dissipated. Earlier this year she released a haunting cover of Billy Fury's 'Wondrous Place'. When listening to this cover straight after 'Closure' you can get a sense of why she is so respected across the region. Her versatility is there for all to see and will provide the perfect Friday night entertainment.

Ali Horn - Saturday @ 6:20PM

Talking of respected songwriters, there probably isn't any songwriter greater loved in the city than Ali Horn. His psychedelic dreamscapes are the perfect soundtrack for lockdown delirium. Mixing relatable local tales with his subtle yet rich vocal tones, his tracks emit a characterful warmth that is hard not to enjoy.

His new single 'The Waves' is no different. Yet, it is probably the most joyful of his collection. A slice of summer rhythms with an infectious chorus that hits the eardrums just right. Although the new track sounds great recorded, it is Horn's live performances that have gained him his following. So to soak up the full effect of his captivating musical offerings, tune in on Saturday evening and let him sway you into the festival's weekend antics.

Zuzu - Sunday @ 9:40PM

I don't think we need to tell you about the incredible new talent that is Zuzu. As arguably Liverpool's best new artist, anyone with an interest for local must already be aware of the phenomenal string of singles that are coming from the sonic superwoman.

Although she already had fantastically catchy singles to hand, her music has certainly evolved of late. In her new EP 'How It Feels' the opening tracks 'Cool With Me' and 'Skin And Bone' have added a deeper emotional impact to her collection. Touching on self-doubt and insecurities, the two singles show that has Zuzu is not solely about those euphoric chorus' that we all love; her music simply translates everyday life into music. Whether it is the highlights or the moments of despair, her music captures them beautifully. She may worry that "tryna say something through music, it's useless", yet the ever-growing fanbase who have been inspired by her music and her as person says otherwise.

With her scouse wit, bold stage presence and sing-a-long chorus' that bring any audience together, Zuzu embodies Liverpool music right now and demonstrates why this city remains a strong competitor as the country's best music city. So log in and top off you weekend in the best way we know how!

Duo-Tone Productions Ft. Sense of Sound Singers - Monday @ 6:20PM

Duo-Tone Productions is the production house of Duo-Tone, the Liverpool-based Electronic record label. After several big label releases with the likes of KOVA and Josh Hunter they have began producing their own House tracks featuring some of Liverpool's best vocalists. Their latest creation is 'Time and Time Again', a Disco infused upbeat anthem featuring the fantastic vocal collective Sense of Sound Singers.

Sense of Sound Singers have worked with a host of big names including Nile Rodgers & Chic, Paloma Faith, Blossoms and loads more. They previously collaborated with Duo-Tone Productions to reinvent the Aly-Us classic 'Follow Me'. However, they have now been given free reign to create their first original single this time round. They will be performing both tracks with Duo-Tone Productions on Monday, bringing their infectious energy to the festival and launching you into the week with a an uplifting disco hit.

'Time and Time Again' is coming to all platforms soon so keep your eyes peeled on their socials.

If these five acts aren't enough for you then check out the full festival line up including SPINN, Gen and the Degenerates, SPILT and loads more.

This festival is a much needed rest bite from the stresses of COVID-19. The festival is connecting artists to their fans at a time when it is needed most. So be sure to tune in and support the local music scene.

Donations to the ‘Hospital Heroes Emergency Appeal’ set up by Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and to the Save Our Venues campaign can be made via the festival here.


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