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Introducing the rising Glitter Grunge Kiwi, Neia Jane!

Neia Jane is a Singer, Songwriter, Producer, and Educator from Queenstown, New Zealand. After moving to The Pacific Northwest as a teen, she fell hard for the Alt-Rock scene by playing in a number of different bands and quickly discovered her love for songwriting. When it came time for college, she did what many American musicians do when they’re serious about a music career; she went to Boston to attend Berklee College of Music. There she started exploring serval different genres, which helped her form the Glitter Grunge sound she has today. Like a true artist, Jane describes her process as “navigating the chaos and making art about it".

'The Moment', Neia Jane’s latest single, is the kind of song you can imagine the incredible, rebel girl you have a crush on in high school would be listening to as she draws in her notebook, not paying any attention to class. Jane’s lofty and light voice against a heavy guitar riff and bass line is the perfect introduction if you want to know what Glitter Grunge sounds like. The irony about the song is that it’s easy to get lost in the music and lose track of what you’re doing while you’re listening to it until the end when Jane gently reminds you to “settle into the moment".


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