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EP REVIEW: Ballsy - Bisou

Ballsy is the new project of Canadian songwriter and bassist Isabelle Banos. Her debut EP 'Bisou' is a wonderful 6-track summation of her work so far, perfectly showcasing all sides to her sound and acting as a statement for where she is headed.

What instantly strikes you on the EP is the bittersweet nostalgic sheen that blends bright, coastal melodies with some deeper, contemplative notes and thoughtful vocal lines in a style similar to some of Coach Party's less intense tracks. This nostalgic feel is best felt in the opening two tracks 'Be Your Baby' and 'Joe Millionaire' that have a breezy, feel-good Indie rhythm and slick Bedroom Pop guitar tone yet with an added emotive depth that may make your mind drift into past memories, both good and bad.

Perhaps our highlight of the EP, 'Person', slows the pace, leading with a deep Grunge Pop bass line and emotive vocal before growing into a dreamy, Indie Pop chorus with a shimmer sound yet angsty lyricism, an intriguing contrast.

The swathe of overlapping vocal lines in the closing track 'Eulogy' shows another side to her skillset, demonstrating a fantastic vocal finesse and range while also highlighting some skilled arrangement and production that balances so many different tones and textures into one final hit of drifting melodies that sees out the EP in style.

A beautifully catchy yet thoughtful EP!


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