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Discover new Indie songwriter Drew Friel!

Manchester-born but Merseyside-based Drew Friel really caught our attention last year with his charming single 'Breakfast Bar'.

The unfiltered, authentic personality of his vocals, and the blend between drama and straight forward lyrics such as  "I've been a first class dick" that immediately cut through any over-romanticised veneer and convey Drew's self-critical honesty from the very first moment. 

Now, he has returned with a brand new track ‘Don’t Run For Office’. While ‘Breakfast Bar’ showcased the songwriting talents of Drew, this track really allows his instrumental arrangements to shine. A fun, dancey beat kicks off proceedings, accompanied by an infectious synth line that is playful and super catchy. 

However, there’s still plenty of room for his clever lyrics to add depth to the track. The vocal style has a warm and endearing quality, that is reminiscent of Declan McKenna, especially when paired with the jaunty indie rhythm and dreamy backing harmonies.

The track as a whole has a bittersweet feel, with an upbeat and constantly melodic rhythm yet some more melancholic cinematic elements such as the strings that close the track with a lamenting drama.

With each track ur releases we are becoming increasingly confident that Drew Friel is one of the most promising indie talents in the north west.


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