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ALBUM REVIEW: CJ Pandit - One Lost English Boy

The new album ‘One Lost English Boy’ from CJ Pandit combines the wholesome, natural tones of Folk with a crisp modern finesse and clean Pop melodies. 

Photo Credit: Joe Vozza

A perfect example of this combination is the second track ‘Pet Names’ which opens with an intimate, soothing acoustic sound. Even the percussion and electro tones have a subtle, soft texture to them that makes the relatively electronic and produced sound feel beautifully natural and unfiltered. The vocal tones are equally smooth, delivering warning lyrical sentiments with a velvet hum. Melodically, there hints of The 1975’s more recent tracks such as ‘Birthday Party’, yet they also exude CJ’s own personality with quirky inflections at the end of some lines which carry an emotive weight to justify the heartbreaking lyricism. 

Some songs such as ‘My Favourite T-Shirt’ are more built up and obviously Electronic, rumbling along with a punchy Indie Pop beat while the slick harmonies and undeniably catchy melodies.

The title track has a more understated, stripped back groove that allows CJ’s vocal versatility to shine. The deep tone of his vocals on this one perfectly capture the haunting lyrical ideas yet also offer moments of brightness and cinematic edge demonstrating a great versatile ability. The way that the vocals and strings match up in this track has the slightly ethereal feel of Alt J or Everything Everything.

Overall, there is some fantastic Bedroom Pop production and infectious melodies running throughout this record that tackles emotive subject matter with great delicacy. Some moments are warm and soothing yet some are joyous and fun, in particular the closing track ‘Pop Music’ which sounds just as the name suggests. A feel good 1975 esc finale to close the proceedings!


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