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Discover the hyper-pop world of Liverpool's MARiMARi!

Japanese/British solo artist MARiMARi defies the usual Pop expectations. Her style, both visually and sonically, is one that is instantly captivating, blending influences from across the musical and cultural worlds to create an aesthetic all of her own.

You can immediately tell from the title of her debut EP ‘Little B*tch, Little Danger Zone’ that her music has a swagger and confidence to it that dances the line between being menacing and infectious. Opening track 'No Regrets' reinforces this no nonsense attitude producing a track that is bold in sound, unforgiving in lyrical sentiment and beautifully abstract in texture, inviting you into Mari's Hyper-Pop world.

The bubbly electronic tones that flow throughout the 6 tracks, mixed with the brazen attitude, ring of acts like Chloe Moriondo, like a Pop sound that has been twisted and warped into a more bizarre and visceral experience. It is a sound that never sits still and always leaves you guessing.

The EP's highlight 'Aerosol', although possessing a punchy rhythm and slick, commercial vocal flows that rings of early Katy Perry or Kesha, still leaves room for some more abstract and inventive electronic additions just to inject MARi's unique personality into the mix.

Hints of Emo, Pop and Bubblegum all creep into the EP, offering a vibrant variety of sounds throughout. It is a wonderful first announcement of what MARiMARi represents as an artist!


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