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Discover the emotive Norwegian Songwriter Tuvaband

Tuvaband’s new single is a gentle prayer for ‘Something Good’. Juxtaposing her hopeful lyrics with the ghostly tone of the piano, her delicate, haunting vocals tenderly plead for what she is repeating into existence. Her prayer of "I do believe, I do believe that something good is gonna happen" is both vulnerable and defiant. This makes the track deeply feminine.

The beautiful poetry and gentle courage is reminiscent of 'Medicine' by Daughter and other Indie Folk female artists. The ‘Something Good’ is ambiguous enough for a listener to hear their own internal voice both in her pleading and the background voices that sound both in pain and hopeful. Joy somehow trickles from the melancholic piano chords and aching vocals. The song is a genuine smile through tears.

The intimate visuals are shot as shaky, stained, blurred film. It focuses Tuva at the piano singing downwards, almost in prayer. Smoke and candles surround her, reminiscent of Kate Bush’s ghost-like visuals. She stands and faces outwards at the bridge while slow drums join the piano as she sings of her deservedness of good as the ultimate plea. 'Something Good' stirs something deep from within, whether this is beautiful melancholy or gently defiant optimism.


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