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Discover Liverpool's latest underground stars, Alright (Okay)!

Liverpool outfit Alright (Okay) have been making waves on their local underground scene for a good while now, known for their visceral live shows, quirky attitude and appealing dense and scrappy sound. This scrappiness is not to be confused with sloppiness because every note they play is placed there with intent yet they prefer to perform with a lucid, Garage band style rather than a crisper, commercialised delivery.

Photo Credit: Florintein

Their latest single 'Hotel Mabuhay' begins with an intimate, raw Indie Rock atmosphere as the deep vocals are spoken with swagger and instrumental tensions before before they properly dive into their gritty sonic swing. The production and performance has a very live feeling to it, capturing their renowned live ability to dissolve the liminal space between themselves and the audience. This creates a very immersive, all-consuming sound both, in the live setting and on this single.

The instrumental flair later in the track brings a joyous spirit to the otherwise dense and moody soundscape with a bright Indie guitar line, that rings of Arctic Monkeys' first record, piercing through the noise. There's an audible camaraderie to their vocal back and forth later in the song, as if you can feel the guys loving every moment of their time playing together and this feeling is infectious!

Worlds of gloomy retro Rock and bright Indie melody clash together beautifully on what may be their best single yet. However, it is always best sample live so look out for their upcoming dates.


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