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Discover Liverpool Indie Pop outfit Paint Me In Colour!

Liverpool quartet Paint Me In Colour make music that is just as vibrant as their name suggests. However, their sound is not one that is overly refined, clean and commercial like you might expect from an Indie Pop act. It has a depth and drama to it that makes their songs stick you with you long after they have ended.

Their new single 'Pick Me Up' immediately creates a more meaningful atmosphere thanks to the pounding drum rhythm that has subtle intricacies to fill out the sound and the huge guitar line that oozes with a dramatic tension.

Photo Credit: Charlie Barclay Harris

The vocals of Olivia Springer also carry a resonant power to them. Always charismatic and full of swagger, they have a cool calmness in the verses but gain a weight and depth to them in the chorus that is captivating and injects the song with a melodic yet moody vibe which becomes increasingly hypnotic. The blend of these guitars and rich vocal tones rings of more Alternative acts such as Black Honey or The Amazons in places.

This is proves yet again that Paint Me In Colour are more than your average Indie act, they have the skills to create big atmospheres you can get lost in! So check out the new single now and enjoy the granduer of their sonic devices.


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