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Arctic Monkeys tease new album 'The Car' with two new singles!

Following their change of pace with their 2018 record 'Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino', the much-loved Sheffield quartet are back, and are progressing their sound even further, with elegance and ease.

'There’d Better Be A Mirrorball', their first single release off their upcoming new album 'The Car', opens with glorious strings and jazzy drums that wouldn’t sound out of place in a bond film. The intro is around a minute long, and Turner’s vocals catch the listener slightly off guard as he croons the words “Don’t get emotional, that ain’t like you” over piano stabs. The bassline thumps along, and is very prominent in the outro, before bringing the song to a swift stop. Turner weaves melancholy and nostalgia into the song effortlessly, and makes the listener lament for a time and place we perhaps were never even at.

This track has recently been followed up by the latest single 'Body Paint' which trots along, twinkling as it does so, making you feel like you’re almost inside a mirrorball. With a strong guitar solo and, of course, engaging lyrics, it’s a very visual track, and Turner paints a vivid picture once again. “There’s still a trace of body paint on your legs and on your arms and on your face” he repeats, until it builds and gradually fades. Both tracks feel like they’ve been influenced by Alex Turner’s other venture The Last Shadow Puppets, and both feel Bowie-esque, yet still very fresh, nuanced and never boring.

'The Car' is out on October 21st and available to pre-order now.


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