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2024 Ones To Watch!

2023 has been a fantastic year for new music! There's been so many artists that have caught our attention and made us excited for what is to come in 2024. Here's a rundown of our some of our favourite emerging acts from 2023 that we can't wait to see more from next year...

Ones To Watch: UK

Humane The Moon

London newcomer Humane The Moon has arrived this year with his debut EP ‘Mythomania’ that has well and truly announced him to the UK scene. His music is bold, brash and introspectively nuanced, laced with a cocky swagger as he brings the hypnotic Post-Punk textures of Joy Division back to life.

Electro-Punk beats mix with more textured, retro sounds in a beautifully immersive and moody sound. Energy is in abundance on the EP, transporting you to a sweaty basement gig on every track. The vocals are delivered with a punchy arrogance reminiscent of Slow Thai, while dreamy guitar textures facilitate moments of brief tranquillity before launching back into the high-octane rhythms comparable to acts like NOISY.


LEAP are the UK’s most exciting new Pop Rock offering! Huge riffs, anthemic drum rhythms and a raw, soaring vocal style that makes you want to sing your heart out in the shower.

Their songs often have a mysterious, moody quality in the verses that lures you into their inviting Rock and Roll world before launching into a huge, powerful chorus. If you were to hear one single in isolation you may instantly think that they must be a one hit wonder as there’s no way that they could keep producing tracks to this standard yet that is not the case… the music just keeps on coming!


It may be an understatement to list SOFY as 'One To Watch', as she has already amassed a huge following and widespread acclaim within the industry. Her 'Chaos and Commotion' mixtape from this year was her biggest statement yet, cementing her at the top of the UK's Bedroom Pop scene.

Her quirky lyricism that's full of bittersweet wit and celebrity references are reminiscent of Lily Allen while the thick London beats and breezy melodies bring to mind Easy Life. She has a slick Gen Z swagger that will have you spitting out the lyrics on the bus and dancing your way to work. Hopefully there's even more to come in 2024.


An exciting eruption of youth in the modern indie scene, L’Objectif are barely out of their teens and are already confidently crafting an image based on abstract art and similarly obscured music.

Their highlight of 2023 has to be ‘ITSA’, a track that straddles puckish Alternative Rock and raucous heartland Rock, in a package tied together by glistening synths of the glorious mid-’80s Springsteen variety. It’s hard to dislike the overwhelming infectiousness of this song: an auspicious set-up, perhaps, for even bigger things soon to come.

Sterling Press

After announcing UK tours supporting major names including Circa Waves and Vistas, Sterling Press cemented their quintessential British attitude with a triptych of fresh singles this year: ‘Doorbell’, ‘Crowdpleaser’ and ‘What Would You Do?’. The tracks offer a new genre-meshing sound thanks to an experimental approach to production and the electronics of the Moog Little Phatty Stage II and the Akai MPK Mini - neither of which take away from the group’s essential ‘guitar-band’ attitude. 

Their truly genre-meshing but essentially guitar driven Indie sound is complimented by forward-thinking production techniques and experimentation and samples that gives it a lovely 90s tinge. There's so much more to come from these guys in 2024!

Words from Joseph Wray


"Spitting out all of my doubt, spitting out all of my doubt" are words that have been ringing around our minds this year! These are words from the angsty stomper from HotWax, 'High Tea', a track that you just can't ignore. In fact, the whole of their 'Invite Me, Kindly' EP slaps you round the face and makes you listen up to their fiery brand of Rock.

There's moments of Femme-Punk ferocity, sections that ring of modern Alternative newcomers like English Teacher and a Post-Punk / Art-Rock inventiveness that brings a vibrancy to their rhythms. The growling guitar and bass lines also have a wonderfully funky element that emphasises the swagger of their aggressive vocal attacks. We can't wait to follow the trajectory of these guys as we can guarantee it is only up and up.


The outspoken, angsty newcomer LXSTBØY has laid out his intentions straight away with his debut singles this year, making music that blends high-octane, modern energy and elements of Rap and Hip-Hop with classic Punk sensibilities.

He makes music made for the marginalised and the frustrated to dance to. He builds up layer upon layer of gritty Rock guitar riffs and supercharged electro beats to create a ferocious yet dance worthy blend with so much sonic depth.


Perhaps the most exciting North West newcomers of the year are Shefu. Their trio of singles this year well and truly announced their quirky Alt-Rock sound to the world and finally earned them a run of shows alongside fellow Liverpool outfit Crawlers, the support slot that they were destined to take on from day one!

The most recent of these singles was ‘Butterknife’, a raw, vulnerable and haunting track that grows into a more anthemic beast. It is filled with vocal prowess and instrumental flair, especially from the sharp, winding guitar line that cuts through with a wonderful power. Radiating with 90s angsty energy, the track beautifully combines their love for both throw-away humour and deeply poignant sentiments while delivering it all with a confident, moody swagger.


Growling Punk-spirited duo BIG SPECIAL are undoubtedly one of the most exciting newcomers from 2023 and we can't wait to see what the next 12 months has in store for them. Their tracks are led by the soulful, Punk power of their vocal deliveries that demand attention always.

'THIS HERE AIN'T WATER' is perhaps the best example of their talents as it switches between grimey spoken-word verses filled with slick lyrical flows and angsty attitude and a Blues-influenced chorus that oozes with a primal energy that will touch your soul. The instrumentation is wonderfully varied, with thick Rock grooves and dense electro textures being complimented by some more cinematic subtleties making for a very dramatic sound.


The lucid Alternative Folk musings of Divorce have captured the hearts of many this year. Their music uses a rich tapestry of warm instrumental layers, building up a web of quirky Folk-tinged rhythms. However, the male/female vocal blend lies at the heart of their attraction. The soft yet powerful vocals of Tiger Cohen-Towell soar, attacking the bigger lines with vigour and caressing the gentle lines with a beautiful vulnerability while the voice of Felix Mackenzie-Barrow has a more earthy quality that provides the cosy edge to their music.

Their 2023 EP 'Heady Metal' is a fantastic summation of their talents, offering the more cinematic productions of 'Birds' and 'Scratch Your Metal' and the Art-Folk twists of 'Sex & The Millennium Bridge' which provides the same quirky lyricism of acts like Wet Leg and English Teacher. However, the highlight of the EP comes in the form of 'Right On Time' as it showcases all their best elements, diverting between the wholesome Folk harmonies that have an enriching quality and the angstier Grunge tones that give Divorce that extra punch. Originally a collaboration between multiple Nottingham artists, Do Nothing and Megatrain, we hope that Divorce is now a fully fledged project that will continue to grow in 2024.

Ones To Watch: International Radar

Molly Millington

Aussie Indie Pop songwriter Molly Millington has been releasing banger after banger this year, culminating in the joyous EP ‘5 Stages’. She combines astute lyrical observations of human emotion with infectious Pop melodies producing an irresistible sonic concoction that will have you dancing around your room… but maybe crying too!

Sugar Pit

Our favourite American newcomer of the year was Sugar Pit. If you don't remember seeing his music online then you certainly haven't because he's not a character that you easily forget. His instantly recognisable appearance of long shaggy hair, missing teeth and gaping grin is endearing while his hyper-active energy and care-free, Punk-spirited videos are infectious. He has been releasing music since 2017 but he has really stepped things up this year with the release of his ‘Task Master’ EP. The 5-track offering is laced with supercharged grooves enhanced by the dense production and unfiltered attitude of the vocals.

There’s elements of Cage The Elephant as well as the distorted, abstract Punk sound that rings of fellow newcomers Shelf Lives. Whether it’s the electrifying, quirky arrogance of his music or his loveable online content, including a music video that got him banned from Walmart, you can’t help but be sucked into Sugar Pit’s world.

Chris Noah

Latvian solo artist Chris Noah has to be one of our favourite European discoveries as his smooth, soaring vocals and Pop orientated melodies are irresistibly catchy. He had already been building a solid fan base thanks to his thoughtful songwriting and knack for earworming guitar lines on tracks like 'Fall Through' and 'Spark' before he took things to another level on 'Sunboy', dealing out a wave of sunshine euphoria that you can't ignore! Now, he has returned in 2023 with two new singles that are just as infectious.

'Only Yours' plays off a retro synth style with big 80s chords and distant drum sounds before diving into a euphoric Pop sound led by his passionate vocals. It is one of those tracks where every single line feels like it's only mini chorus and makes you want to sing every word back at full pelt. The background vocal hooks add more layers of melodic interest as synths and vocal intertwine in slick harmony. This is a huge hit that you won't be able to get out of your head!

Then, his latest release 'Take A Minute' takes things more steady energy-wise as he leaves more room for his performative swagger to ooze through the speakers. His refined Pop vocal flair is there for all to hear as those mini-choruses pepper the verses again in a style comparable to Harry Styles' more vibey tracks. The chorus is smooth and swinging, perfect for a carefree summer day trip. With his combination of appealingly clean vocals and constant hits of unforgettable melody Chris Noah is one of Europe's most promising Pop songwriters.

Lotte Gallagher

“I am still writing about things that hurt”; a befitting line from Lotte Gallagher in reference to the type of music she makes. The Australian singer-songwriter and guitarist released her new single 'Adam' this June and it has got us completely obsessed. The song talks about moving on from a toxic relationship with clever songwriting and a catchy hook to match. Lotte talks about writing songs since she was fourteen and 'Adam' does a wonderful job of displaying how her skills have developed since that early age. With lyrics like “You're a broken house and I need to move Do you need a hint? Can you get a clue?”  Lotte’s clever writing allows her to articulate her feelings loud and clear; and as she says in the chorus, she is "better without".

The Indie song has Pop Rock elements, with backing guitar strums and percussions that remind you of the early 2000’s Teen Pop Punk sound. Her vocals are beautiful and haunting and her lyrics bare and punchy, filled with both heartbreak and melodrama. We’re seeing the resurgence of the Pop-Punk ballad and we're very excited to see what Lotte does next.

Words by Yemilolla King

Bo Milli

One of our favourite scandi exports, Bo Milli, has been on our radar for a while now, captivating our attention time and time again with her soothing Indie Pop songwriting. Her music is tonally gentle and soft yet it reaches deeply with emotive, cinematic and intricate lyrical conceits that constantly strike a chord.

Her 2023 EP ‘Making Friends’ is the perfect summation of this wonderfully balanced songwriting style, pairing songs that are light and breezy with songs that ooze a moody melancholia, playing with the semantics of young adult romance and the love, playfulness, angst and heartache that that entails.

Tracks like ‘Come After Me’ and ‘Chewing Gum’ ring of Pip Blom’s early work with their lo-fi indie melodies that are super catchy yet subtle in their delivery and sometimes filled with grittier tones to emphasise the hidden depths of the lyrical content. ‘Chewing Gum’ is a particular standout on the EP as the chorus is one that becomes increasingly hypnotic each time you hear it. The vocals have a blissful, light delivery yet also a confident command that produces a track that is so serenely melodic yet filled with hurt and hidden anger.

There’s a wonderful balance of atmospheres on this EP and each song tells a beautifully honest story as Bo uses both catchy lo fi Pop melodies, cinematic Indie tones and angstier energy to convey a wide tapestry of emotion.


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