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She Drew The Gun - Live @ Manchester Academy 2

Right now, more than ever, it feels like you can’t trust what anyone says. With false words peppered around our day to day lives, you start to crave the sound of someone who preaches honesty, good morals and a positive approach to change. Thus, we headed down to Academy 2 once more to witness the Wirral’s thought-provoking psych-pop collective ‘She Drew The Gun’.

The set opened with the pummelling war cry of ‘Resister’. If there was anyone present not familiar with the band before this song then they certainly were after it! It embodies the entire message of the band in an unrelenting three-minute plea to stand up, be counted; be a resister. Following this, it was impossible not to notice the captivating hold that She Drew The Gun had over the crowd. Everyone’s eyes transfixed as the poignantly laced lyrics of Louisa Roach echoed around the venue.

Indeed it is her words that are that the centre of the band. They radiate from her humble presence, whirlpooling you in to her verbal world. These songs about immigration, homelessness and the human condition clearly resonated with all attendees as the room fell silent during the hypnotic sounds of ‘Poem’ and ‘Between The Stars’.

Times change. Cultures evolve and the world moves on. This feels even more true in the modern day where ideas and trends seem to come and go at an ever quickening pace. In lots of cases this constant evolution is a positive, yet it does also mean that things can go out of fashion as quick as they came into being. Bands often have to deal with the fact their lyrics can become outdated in the blink of an eye (RATBOY’s ‘Fake ID’ comes to mind in which an iPhone 6 is the most valuable phone to have). However, the changing times have had the opposite effect for the words of She Drew The Gun. Over 4 years since their first release, the importance and relevance of those lyrics has only grown. They are the words that we need to hear!

Another striking element of the night was that, to some degree, their standout songs live were different to their standout songs on their records. When listening to them digitally you can’t help but head for the infectious ‘Something For The Pain’ or the melancholic tones of ‘Since You Were Not Mine’. However, on the night there were new front-runners as the songs came to life in the flesh. ‘Arm Yourself’ took on another level of energy, and their new cover of Frank Zappa's ‘Trouble Every Day’ was injected with a new dose of rebellious angst becoming a personal favourite from the night.

On the whole, the performance was one of significance; style, substance, content and delivery. Electric melodies mixed in with contemplative, thought-provoking messages. Louisa Roach and the band continue to conjure the rebellious spirit wherever touring might take them. Like a defiant stance of sonic wisdom, their music offers hope, passion and honesty. A powerful summation of everything you’re seeing. No lies just something to believe in.

Catch them on their last few tour dates including Liverpool this coming Saturday! Tickets available here.

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