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DMA'S Live @ O2 Victoria Warehouse, Manchester

For artists originating from outside of the UK or USA, it is often hard to establish a career. This is not to say that the rest of the world offers no support for their native musicians, yet these two musical hubs are a huge platform that can completely transform the career of a band overnight. Breaking onto the scene in one of these countries is a must. One group that have have mastered this art are the Australian three-piece DMA’S. Since their inception in 2012 they have developed a cult-like fan base in the UK who have enducted them into thriving Indie scene. With their soaring riffs and Brit-pop esc vibes, the band have surpassed all expectations, not only breaking into the UK’s radar, but going much further. They have become entrenched in Indie culture and met the nation's history, and love, for guitar music head on, delivering just what the British people demand.

So, if you carry an uplifting atmosphere reminiscent of Brit-pop and carry an infectious on-stage swagger to match, where is the one city that you simply have to play? Manchester of course! And on the 13th of December the elaborate industrial setting of the Victoria Warehouse provided the perfect backdrop to the Ozzie rockers.

Arriving on stage adorned in their usual Adidas jackets and caps, to the sound of a huge techno beat, lead-singer Tommy O’Dell took one look at the sold out crowd before the three (accompanied by their back band) erupted into an initial four track frenzy. The back-to-back onslaught of ‘Play It Out’, ‘Dawning’, ‘Melbourne’, and ‘Timeless’ drew out all the mosh-pits, pyros and electrified energy that Manchester had to offer. The expansive swell that the band create, complemented by the pounding drums chanel the angst of the mid 90’s and, in turn, produce a unique blend of youthful angst, and united euphoria that only a few bans have the power to deliver. Thankfully, the trio then let the swealtering room cool down and gave the exhausted crowd some well deserved rest bite from the mania.

What followed was an audible demonstration of why DMA’S are a step above your average Indie-rock band. As well as having the ability to galvinate an entire audience and induce the memories of youth into any aged fan, they also have a rare ability to suddenly change the atmosphere in the room and bring everyone’s emotions pouring out in a heartfelt ballad. ‘In The Air’ and ‘Delete’ are prime examples. The later brought every member of the crowd together, singing in unison. As the melancholy acoustics begin to build towards the end of the song, the venue exploded in sound. The usual crescendo that plays out the track was ramped up to another level; more poignant, more precise, and more powerful than you could imagine.

As the crowd echoed the backing vocals of “Just let it all out…” and the band belted out the more prominent lyrics, the venue became one body of sound that sent an endorphin rush to everyone. It is the exact reason why people turn out to these shows in their thousands week after week. The feeling is intangible and indescribable but is the reason that music is one of the most powerful forces there is, and DMA’s produce it at ease.

Their combination of heartwarming sing-a-long chorus’ and energetic mosh-worthy rock songs offers the best of both worlds and makes them a must see! So keep up with their Facebook to catch them next time they’re on tour!

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