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As soon as you hear of a four-piece from Manchester you probably expect to hear gritty northern-rock attempting to capture the ever lasting impact Oasis made to the city. However , indie-pop group Fears Chella , emanate one of the least Manchester sounding styles around , with smooth, toned vocals that seem to have come straight from the American Coast (perhaps this is why they have found the most Spotify success over in the USA) . With just two singles released so far , they have still managed to establish a clear characterization of their music. Their newest release , Girlfriend , showcases their noticeable soft spot for synthesized positivity blended with satisfyingly dance-able riffs.

Although, they appear out of place in the Manchester suburbs on the surface , the four of them all still have that internal angst that lies in any northerner that cannot be held back when at a live show, leading to some brilliant gig performances that have earned them a support slot alongside King No-One. If they can transfer just a tad more of this energy into the music they can smash 2017!




From busking on the streets to playing a nation-wide tour , York based King No One have been incessantly working their way up for years . Having seen them in their early days in York, It is clear to see that the admirable hard work and determination have paid off, with their single Antichrist currently moving up the Spotify Top 50 Viral Songs Chart. While Antichrist lies on the popier side of things, the majority of their songs provide a rougher atmosphere, offering indie-rock as pure as it comes. It’s hard to pin point one specific inspiration but Radiohead, Blur and Kasabian seem likely, with substantial riffs, passionate vocals lying as the basis of their songs, with infectiously catchy melodies layered on top. The result is a sound not dissimilar to Stockport’s Blossoms , fans of whom are sure to love King No One.

The lyrics are just as catchy as the melodies, with their singles Stay Close and Constellations capable of lodging themselves in your head for days. It is evident that the four-piece not only know how to write a good song but how to perform it to perfection as well. With unquestionable levels of emotion poured into every performance, regardless of whether it is a rainy back-street or one of their favourite venues, Sheffield's Rocking Chair. Every second of their captivating live shows just highlights how much of a born frontman Zach Lount is. If they get an album out before the turn of the year it is sure to be one of the most interesting records released in 2017.


(Written by Beth Turner , @Seafounf26 on twitter)



Expressing a simliar pop swagger to King No-One , Stockport quartet No Hot Ashes combine pop-funk melodies with the punchy vocals of Isaac Taylor. Following the returning trend of synthesized pop, the band incorporate the Blossoms esc synth riffs that have proved so undeniably catchy in recent years. However, there is definitely more substance to No Hot Ashes than the average melody-makers, showcasing a range of lyrical phrasing, comparable to The Assist , that bounces between aggressive angst-ridden lines , toned indie-pop harmonizing and the odd line or two of what verges on the edge of rap . It is also evident , especially in their latest single , Bellyaches , how prominent the bass hooks are in their sound, adding that fuck/disco atmosphere that pushes them apart from the rest of the indie scene. Holding the rare ability of being able to create their own sound, No Hot Ashes have the potential to be up their with the best this year


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