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NEW NOISE MARCH 2023: Youth Sector, Pet Snake, Adult Play & The Manatees

Here's four artists you need to discover this month!!


Youth Sector are one of the most vibrant and exciting band in the world of guitar music right now. The Art Rock quintet produce a sound that is instantly infectious with its bright, tumbling rhythms and funk-infused grooves.

Their latest release ‘A Definitive Guide To Easy Living’ is bursting full of life and social satire as always. The synths are bright and leading strong in this track, mixing with the disco infused guitar rhythms and thick bass line to create a densely textured funky sound that offers the strange juxtaposition of making you want to dance while you’re heading a harsh social critique in the lyrics. The vocals are delivered with a direct attack and bolstered by the unified group chants on the bigger lines for extra impact and provide overlapping, intertwining alternate melodies later in the track.

The final minute’s build up is almost disorientating with the amount of interplaying instrumentals and vocal layers but it is this bombardment of dance worthy sounds that lies at the heart of Youth Sector. They have returned here with all the lyrical angsty and artistic flair as they’ve always had but they now pack more finesse than ever, taking a more direct approach and refusing to be ignored with such a vibrant sound.


Indie songwriter Pet Snake finds her naunce by combining the ethereal, smooth quality of her vocals with her grittier, gloomier instrumental soundscape. Her recent trio of singles each offer something different yet all shed a light on her beautiful song craft.

‘Jacket’ rings of The Big Moon with its combination of haunting background vocal melodies, emotive lead vocal likes full of equal amounts of heartbreak and empowering strength. ‘Lotus’ leans into an Indie Folk realm with the light percussive rolls and warm, pounding bass drum. It radiates a very natural tone and is perhaps the most raw of the three singles. However, it is ‘Coffee’ that has really caught our ear!

‘Coffee’ find a hidden joy in a story of loneliness by matching an uplifting, tension-building sound to the chorus lyrics “drinking coffee for one”. The guitars are deep and rich in tone, played with a loose rhythm as if each strum is being chosen simply because it feels right in the moment. This style compliments the emotive outpour of the lyrics perfectly. The lyricism is vulnerable and heartbreaking at its core but the Wolf Alice esc soaring vocal lines create an air of hope. Then, after the track has time to build the guitars then jump to a more structured and punchy rhythm that enhances the impact of that simple yet effective repeated lyric. Pet Snake is the perfect soundtrack to insular days of self reflection.


The Manatees claim that they hail from a sleepy town on the south coast of England yet there is not one thing sleepy about their sound! Combining funky, hip-hop inspired rhythms with crisp Indie Pop tones to make a style that is both infectiously groovy and undeniably catchy. Their last release ‘Naturally’ was a swooping Indie anthem that sounds purpose built for a live stage thanks to its huge finale and repeated vocal refrain that begs to be sang back.

They returned in January with ‘The Sound’, a single that opens with a tantalising,gritty delivery and scratchy guitar style. It builds as if about burst open into a big chorus but first slips into a slick groove with a delicate and intricate guitar line. However, that chorus does come and it is huge when it does! The back and forth between the melodic backing vocals and the more angular, tightly rolled vocal flow of the lead is, once again, perfect for the live environment and is comparable to The Snuts' infectious style.

Their latest release ‘Dream In Colour’ is another Indie hit! First of all it lures you into a pretty serene groove, with some funky drum patterns and a reserved yet slick vocal delivery. However this opening is merely the prelude to a huge chorus thatblends an instantly memorable vocal melody and synth line that are backed by a powerful and punchy drums that crash down in the backdrop and elevate the powerof each line! The instrumental break offers what is perhaps there heaviest, darkest Rock moment as swagger-filled vocals chant in the background while a deep, festival-ready riff leads the line. Another huge winner from The Manatees.


Shrewsbury's Adult Play broke onto the Post Punk scene last year with their twosingles 'HCYS' and 'The Lonely Aisle'. The first of which paired sunken, gloomyvocals with a dark sonic tension that always threatens to explode into life. Gritty guitar tones and vocal swagger are in abundance as the track radiates an immersive, heavy atmosphere. 'The Lonely Aisle' lightened the mood slightly as showcased their more melodic and intricate side with its tightly rolled Indie rhythms and group vocals harmonies.

Now, they have returned with their new single 'See Me Now' that combines elements of both to produce a moody Post Punk track that captures the angsty electro grooves of Slow Thai with catchy vocal hooks sang by the whole band to produce a memorable chorus that stands out above the warped electro-punk atmospherics. The verses take on the form of spoken word monologues matched by a punchy yet insular beat and flavoured by abstract electronic pulses. Yet, the chorus flips to a more expressive fast-paced rhythm and catchy repeated vocal refrain that is hypnotic and rousing. This track would be perfect for an underground gig and we hope to see them coming up to the North West very soon so we can witness just that!

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Joseph Larson
Joseph Larson
24 mar 2023

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09 mar 2023

Music discovery gets more exciting every time I come here. Play this on Skunk Radio Live (Music Discovery XO)

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