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BOOT WATCH: 4 emerging artists you need to hear this month!


As the song title suggests, the new single ‘Life’s Good’ from indie pop songwriter Garvie is the perfect remedy to any autumnal blues! Aesthetically, the Garvie project takes on a distorted video game esc visual style which is matched by fun, bubbling grooves that create the feeling of walking around a slightly strange but care-free alternative reality.

Taking a leaf from the book of other indie groove masters like Bad Sounds and Easy Life, the instrumentals are eclectic, with a bustling concoction of percussive sounds tangling together in a popping rhythm. Meanwhile, the lead vocals are smooth and slick, backed by bright backing harmonies that build up a really textured and uplifting melody. You could have this song on repeat for hours and not get sick of the upbeat, but never too in your face energy! The perfect sonic pick me up to counteract the mundane it’s of your day to day. His new single 'Decisions Decisions' is just as bright an even more uptempo, brimming with sunshine pop energy and will be released on October 14th.

Hannah Grae

She may only have a couple of singles to her name but the sheer weight of Hannah Grae's talent is not lost on anyone! Already teamed up with Atlantic Records, those in the know are fizzing with excitement at the potential that she has and her recent performance at NBHD festival proved to us why. Everything about it was big and bold! Although, she may still hold the endearing teenage insecurities of a young performer, she commanded the stage with a ferocious aura.

Her new single 'Propaganda' is intensely gritty and exudes a confident swagger that you can't ignore. We learned from her live show that she is backed by a fantastically high-energy, Punk/Alt spirited band that provide the gritty rumble of her music. However, it is her vocals that take centre stage! Powerful, soaring, heartfelt and angst-ridden, her voice is a force to be reckoned with and will make your eyes widen on her new Punk Rock. She is definitely one to check out before her career sky rockets.

Jealous nostrils

Arriving with their debut single ‘Phase 6’ are the somewhat oddly named Jealous Nostrils who have already made quite a noise! What do you want to hear from a debut Rock single? Big riffs? A powerful, confident vocal performance? An energy that makes you listen up from the first second? And maybe something that makes their sound a little distinctive and sets them apart from the rest? Well this track has it all!

Opening with a funky drum shuffle, you can’t but instantly get caught up in the moody tangle of sounds that your are presented with. However, the track then quickly jumps into a heavy, Grunge-tinted mosh pit inducer. As the drums splash down the thick riff makes you want to jump! The standout element of the track has to be the percussive talent! Throughout their are moments of flair from the drums but the early verse which is punctuated by erratic drum roles gives the song an extra edge of hectic energy. Having said this, the vocals are also anthemic! Kasabian esc in their echoed soaring delivery, they add a rousing spirit to what is a really impressive debut!


The new track ‘Lose My Mind’ from rock outfit BORDERLINES is almost split into three distinctive sections that, together, display an impressive grasp of dynamic songcraft. The first third is a slightly somber acoustic ramble with emotive, personal lyrics and vocal delivery that sets a stripped back atmosphere. Thus, the impact when the whole band jump in is amplified. They arrive with a solid, driving beat and some slightly mournful atmospheric guitar parts.

These sections are engaging in their own right, however it is the final third of the track that really leaves an impression! All elements of the instrumentation gain a bigger and more anthemic drama. The guitars become stretched, playing high notes at the edge of their capability that create a poignant tone while the drums add a perpetuating energy in this cinematic, Indie Rock climax.



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