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The Sherlocks - Live @ The O2 Academy, Liverpool

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The four Sheffield lads, who's music has won the hearts of just about every Northern, indie loving girl. Holding possibly one of the biggest rises to fame within their field last year, they grew out of the circle of low key boy bands struggling to make a name for themselves and became one of the most talked about upcoming indie artists. Along with their growing awareness came an increased credibility as people began to realize their was something pretty decent about their music.

Although their musical performance was impeccable on the night, it has to be said that it was the atmosphere that stole the show. You will struggle to find any gig with a tighter packed first 5 rows than when The Sherlocks cracked out their log time fan favourite, Live For The Moment. Probably one of the most intense moshing scenarios ever experienced for a lot of the crowd. This not only shows that they could have sold out an even bigger venue with ease, but also fucking in love with the band every single one of there fans is. The whole venue seemed to nail every lyric to perfection. A brilliantly energetic opener of Last Night set the whole tone for the night, never letting the energy of the room slip, even for the few slower tracks. Heart Of Gold and Will You Be There? stood out as the highlights of the night and both sum up everything good about the band. Even if their music isn't quite to your taste, you won't be disappointing by seeing them live.

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On a night with not just 1 but 4 fantastic upcoming talents, it would be unjust to not mention the support.

Jordan Allen

A sound that seemed to come straight out of the mid 00's , with the energy and upbeat riffs of the likes of the Pigeon Detectives or the early Vaccines, they managed to give The Sherlocks a run for their money. It was also fantastic, in an age when music is becoming moire of a business venture than a passion , to see Jordan himself in the midst of the moshing for The Sherlocks set.

Oddity Road

Although the night's music and atmosphere was incredible, it may have lacked just one thing...Showmanship. But the one band who did not disappoint on this front were Oddity Road. The front-man of the Sheffield outfit, Jack Heath , was packed full of ferocity throughout the set, emanating an infectious energy into the room, ramping up the intensity for the rest of the night. They don't quite hold the same fanbase as some of the other bands supporting The Sherlocks on their tour , but from our point of view they hold that extra element of grit that has the potential to take them above the level of other bands in their circle and are definitely worth watching.


Unlike the other support acts, SPINN are not touring with The Sherlocks, they are a local Liverpool band who have amounted quite a decent following. We have to say we were unconvinced when listening to their first recorded single Green Eyes. However, after seeing them live, their whole ethos has become clear and works brilliantly. Sending the crowd into a trance for the entirety of their set, with dream-like riffs and a sound that for some reason is just aesthetically pleasing and gives you the breathing space to just stand back and enjoy the experience.

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