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With just two singles released before now, the Swindon based group have accumulated an immense number of devoted followers since their inception. Although the sub-genre they fit into, amongst artists such as The Night Cafe and The Sherlocks may seem to lack a certain edge for some indie lovers, MISFIRES create a hope-filled ambience with the required level of dance-worthy riffs and sing-a-long chorus'. It is this upbeat element of their music which seems to have grabbed the attention of the younger generation, offering an audible escape for the weary, groundhog-living of teenage life.

Their brand new single Come On Over has brought an extra element of passion and grit to their sound whilst retaining their characteristic positive atmosphere. With harder drumming, rougher build-ups and a riff that is as catchy ever , their 3rd single has to be our favourite of all. If they can keep moving forward in the vain of this new release and add a tad more distinction to their music they could be one of the biggest new indie groups of 2017.


Glass Caves

Holding a similar optimism to their music as MISFIRES, Glass Caves have also had a huge positive impact on the lives of their fanbase. Now in the 5th year of the project and with an album to their name they have gathered a substantial following, yet lack the attention they really deserve considering the consistent quality they produce. Out Of Control is probably the best showcase of what the band are all about. Their Lyrics may not have the required 'layered meanings' some desire, but they are sung in a way that seems to carry ten times more passion behind them than the average vocalist. Their latest single Do You Have A Name has taken on a slightly calmer atmosphere with extremely poignant chord sequences and a more synthesized feel. The track builds to a climactic end, again showcasing the passion behind their songs.

Their catalogue of songs suggests they are capable of heading down a number of different paths inside the indie spectrum , so they are definitely ones to keep an eye on regardless of taste.


Hello Operator

It's been a good number of years since a bad with such straight forward blues-rock grit, has made its way into a decent circle of emerging bands. However, Hello Operator seem to have managed to sink their claws into the growing trend of the return to heavier indie, and have spat out pure hard-hitting rock&roll. Crashing into the public eye in 2015 with the single Stephanie , they have now released a total of six tracks. From these we have learnt that a song from Hello Operator guarantees you two things... Full throttle blues riffs and one of the most intense lyrical deliveries around , from front-man Max Dalton. Their musical aggression , emulative of their live shows (a sound aimed for by the majority of bands but rarely achieved) forces you too listen with the same level of intensity and the same passion as the music being played, Operator Hour being the best example of this.

Their latest EP, Love Is A Loan , released late last year continues everything we love about the band. If they can just continue to build their fan-base they look set for a hell of year. Once these guys are released there'll be no stopping them


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