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South Korean newcomers VelvetHeroin evoke sounds of 60s Rock in first three singles

Evoking the sounds of scrappy 60s Rock are Japanese newcomers VelvetHeroin who emerged this year with three singles. The first of which, 'The Faces', pairs a slightly slurry, laid-back vocal phrasing with a cluttered yet raw sounding Rock muddle of jangly acoustics, bouncing drums and a piercing barrel of distorted guitar sounds that feels like a cross between The Velvet Underground and Radiohead.

They then followed this up with 'You Don't Know It Eats You', a more spaced out track that still offers the cluttered instrumental frenzy but delves into a psychedelic feel with its layered drifting vocal harmonies, off kilter piano notes and constant rolling drum pattern that becomes hypnotic by the end. Most recently, they completed this trio of tracks with 'Hangin' On', the most uplifting of their releases. The soaring string section and playful keyboard melody evokes the optimistic songwriting charm of Badly Drawn Boy yet the vocals radiate a more abstract vibe that seems to be becoming synonymous with the band.


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