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Underground USA - Volume 2

3 more artists emerging from the streets of North America!


Garage-Rock three piece Crocodyle have been building their sound on a basis of feel-good dance around tracks. Their latest EP 'Sharing A Twin Bed' kicks off in just that vain with the aptly named 'I Feel Good'. This first track seems like the Frankenstein's monster of Rock music, piecing together all elements from Rock's long history and creating a fierce yet joyful opener. Sporting the infectious classic Rock & Roll riffs of The Kinks, the simple yet wildly effective sing-a-long euphoria of Jet and the messy aggression of early Cage The Elephant, the track is the perfect cocktail of Indie Rock history.

Yet, although it was the high points in this EP that first drew us in, the depth of their lyricism shouldn't be overlooked. As you dive deeper into the EP and meet tracks such as 'Let Me Cry' and 'Rats of the Night' you get a sense for their sensitive themes of anxiety and depression. It is this wide range of emotional angles in just a 15 minute EP that really showcases that their is more to Crocodyle than their rich riffs and chorus'. 'Rats of the Night' closes the EP in a wild fashion, creating an epic euphoria out of feelings of social anxiety and feeling like a freak in public. Turning these feelings, that would make most want to hide inside themselves, into a raucous, uplifting moshpit banger is why we are so excited about this EP and what is to come from the Nashville trio.


Jon Worthy

Rock driven Singer-songwriter Jon Worthy has to be one of the most prolific underground artists in the US with a staggering 21 singles and 2 albums released since 2018 with another looking like its on its way soon. His songwriting ability has gathered the praise of many notable names including Cage The Elephant's Lincoln Parish who actually produced Worthy's 2018 record.

His musical direction has taken a more uplifting turn this year, with the standout single 'Don't You Feel It' led by an infectious Summer festival chorus and his latest release 'Soul King (I Don't Wanna Be Alone)' verging into a Summer Indie dance tune with its electro undertones. Opening with a strong electronic drum beat, the song is then filled with a darker synth baseline and lyrics about solitude before rising back up into a feel-good chorus that is rich with a blend of electro textures and authentic acoustic sounds. He uses the electronic input here more just to enhance the sound of him and his band and make the track even more electrifying. Like with Crocodyle, there is something blissful about turning these negative emotions into an uplifting track as it gives all that relate to it hope and joy in the face of adversity!


Destroy Boys

San Francisco's Punk trio Destroy Boys can't really be classed as an underground band anymore but that is certainly from where they emerged. The three joined forces when they were just 15 and have made huge noise across the pond with their angsty sing a long chorus' and undeniably American coastal tones as well as their open aims to be as inclusive as possible, making efforts to include "more women, queer people, people of color, and differently-abled people" behind the scenes.

After a bit of a break since their previous album in 2018, they have landed with two no-nonsense singles this year that give us a taste of what they might be gearing up for. The first of which 'Muzzle' is like a Punk mission statement, just one minute of full throttle gritty energy. The most recent single however, 'Drink' is more complex, showcasing both their vocal and instrumental talent. While it does open with a dirty Grunge riff, Violet Mayugba's vocals land more melodically than the instrumentation may have suggested, carrying a bittersweet tone that you can't help singing along to. The chorus is straight off a Skate soundtrack, full of passion and built thickly with an audible sense that the band love playing this song. The backing harmonies, again, make the track feel more colourful and vibrant than your average Punk track. If this is the tone of their next record then its set to be their best yet!


Take a listen to all these artists and more on our Underground USA playlist!


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