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Ukrainian Indie Rock outfit Akine release gritty new single 'Colours'!

Originally from Ukraine, Indie Rock outfit Akine are now London-based and armed with as much grit and angst as theyve ever been! They offer a rebellious swagger that is infectious and their latest single ‘Colours’ is certainly one that will make you want to stand up and shout for what you believe in!

The angst oozes out of this song thanks to the confident command of the vocals and fuzzy growl of the guitar lines. Vocally it is comparable to other, powerful female-fronted Rock acts such as The Mysterines or GAYLE. Meanwhile, the instrumentation is immensely crowded, building up a dense wall of Rock sound that swirls around you and immerses you in the moody atmosphere. Undoubtedly one of our favourite Ukrainian discoveries, Akine have a bark and a bite that will rouse the most placid of hearts.


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