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The Trusted - The Innocent

A large portion of the Indie-rock tracks we discover can be sorted into two groups. There are those filled with angst and delivered with an unforgiving energy and there are those that are more heartfelt, strong emotions poured out onto the sonic canvas. However, it is often the artists that manage to slip in the middle of these two extremes that we find most satisfying, and The Trusted do just that. They found success last year with their uplifting single ‘Wild Love’ and now they have returned with their latest release ‘The Innocent’.

The new track offers everything you would want from a young band trying to make a name for themselves. It is a heartwarming, carefully written piece that still carries grit; it is a sing-a-long anthem that still is fit for any mosh-lovers out there. They achieve this rounded feel by making the most out of all elements of the track. They use each instrument to full effect and often play off each other creating a fantastic energy.

If you need a pick-me-up to blow away your lockdown lull then plug your headphones in and let the euphoric, Kings of Leon esc chorus breathe positive energy into your day.

Check out 'The Innocent' on our Spotify playlist


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