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The Shatterheads add a Psychedelic twist to their twinkling summer sound on their brand new single!

With their first single since their self-titled debut album in 2020, Indie Rock quintet The Shatterheads encapsulate the youthful optimism of summer om ‘A Friend with a Car’. Hailing from Malmo, Sweden, the group consists of Philip Vaduva (vocals), Kristian Lindberg (drums), Sanna Nyman (bass), Joseph Jeppsson (guitar) and Samuel Nilsson (guitar). Their 2020 debut album was a well put together project which harnessed the distinctive whiny vocals of Punk Rock and combined them with the snappy, thumping guitar riffs of Indie Rock. Their new release keeps to these foundations, whilst adding a psychedelic undertone.

Upbeat and catchy, the instrumentation consists of rhythmic drums, nonchalant guitar melodies and a twinkling, psychedelic keyboard performance. These components come together to infuse the track with a summery rhythm which you can’t help but bob your head along to. Steeped in summer romanticism, the meaning of the lyrics is pretty straight forward. It’s an ode to that one friend who’s always up for starting up their car and taking off with you. Adding a new element to the band’s sound, ‘A Friend with a Car’ is the first track to be taken from The Shatterheads second album release, due in 2023.


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