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The Royston Club interview: "The chorus was written to be shouted back at us"

The Royston Club have established themselves as one of the best Indie anthem makers out there! They constantly manage to blend uplifting, sing-a-long melodies that radiate a nostalgic, coming-of-age charm with danceable, festival-ready riffs. High energy and infectiously upbeat, they have delivered once again with their latest single 'Blisters'! We caught up with them to chat about the new single and their excitement for the upcoming festival season!

Q. How do you feel you have developed as a band since your debut single back in 2019?

A. We feel like you hopefully should be able to hear the difference between our oldest work and newest work as shawshank was released about a month after being together in the band and since then we’ve toured a fair bit and refined our music a lot more.

Q. What kind of moments would you say you write music for?

A. Pretty simply we write music to play at gigs that we think people will connect with at our gigs. All our favourite artists have amazing live sets so while the lyrics quite often are more personal, the overall song structure is always written with being good live in mind.

Q. Could you tell us a bit about the lyrical content of your new single ‘Blisters’?

A. Blisters is about trying to navigate relationships through teenage years and the tendency that people have for settling in relationships that they’re not that happy with when they’re young to try to find some acceptance. But being in an unhappy relationship makes moving through life more painful ultimately, hence the title ‘Blisters’. Despite not having very upbeat lyrics, the chorus was written to be shouted back at us, and with sunny afternoon slots at festivals in mind.

Q. Talking of sunny festivals, you'll be coming over to play Liverpool Sound City in April! What were your first festival experiences as a fans?

A. Me (Tom) Ben and Dave all went to Leeds festival like most 16/17 year olds do and absolutely loved it. Loads of amazing artists we loved being in the same place over 4 days seemed pretty mad to us so think we kinda got hooked on festivals from then onwards.

Q. What were your first festival experiences as a band?

A. Our first ever festival we played was quite far from the leeds festival image we’d built up in our heads. It was an inner city festival called R-Fest and was in a tiny pub somewhere in Manchester. We had about 10 people max in the crowd and of those 10 people we knew half of them. It was obviously very early days and i think we’d only been together a few months but I still remember being excited seeing our name on the poster.

Q. What are your best ever festival memories?

A. Our best festival memory was opening Leeds Festival last year, it obviously has a very special place in our hearts as we’d been before a few times as fans but we didnt have a clue what to expect turnout wise so to have a full tent watching us was pretty mind blowing to us. Because it was the first night the crowd were on such good form so was a really special one.

Be sure to stream 'Blisters' and catch The Royston Club at Sound City - Tickets available here.

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