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The Orielles return with 8 minutes of glimmering Dream Pop fit for a Sci-Fi epic on 'Beam/S'

Imagine you’re floating through space, free and untethered. That’s what listening to The Orielles' new single feels like. The track is 7 minutes and 53 seconds of shimmering Dream Pop.

The band, consisting of members Esmé Hand Halford, Sidonie Hand Halford and Henry Carlyle Wade, formed in Halifax when they were teenagers. Their debut album 'Silver Dollar Moment' came out in 2018, and their sophomore record 'Disco Volador' in 2020. Those records echo the Indie/Alternative sounds of bands such as The Sundays,The Beths, and Alvvays, however, if 'Beam/S' is anything to go by, it seems like they are stepping into a new sound, reminiscent of the Cocteau Twins and brimming with confidence.

Halford’s dreamy vocals are layered on top of sparkly synths and strings, while the drums are slow and steady to begin with, until the 3-minute mark, where things start to pick up. Both the guitar and drums get faster, but never too fast, making the listener feel like you're taking a trip through the universe, and you could maybe reach out and touch the stars as you go. 'Beam/S' is a gorgeous, glimmering track, that despite its lengthy run-time, never drags. It wouldn’t feel out of place in a sci-fi epic. Their new album 'Tableau' arrives on 7 October under Heavenly Recordings.


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