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  • Suzanne Powell

The Murder Capital return with contemplative new single 'Heart In The Hole

Hailing from Dublin, Post-Punk outfit The Murder Capital have been active since 2018, crafting remarkable sounds reminiscent of bands like Shame, Softplay and fellow countrymen Fontaines D.C. Described by The Guardian as "reaching back to Joy Division’s drum patterns", if you're a fan of the Post-Punk genre, you certainly won't want to miss their latest release.

‘Heart In The Hole’ delves into the paradoxes and darkness of its lyrics, amplified by the dynamic drumming of Diarmuid Brennan and the energetic vocals of James McGovern. We admire the band's experimentation with vocal mixing, which disrupts the song's rhythm in parts—an exploration of how Post-Punk can adapt to modern music concepts. The discordance and tension created by this experimentation define their unique style and engage the listener from start to end.

The guitars maintain their vibrancy throughout the song, culminating in an intensity that feels like an outpouring from the depths of humanity. The gloomy vibe defines each instrument, resulting in dark dynamism.

In this single, the influence of Idles is perceptible, adding an intriguing, contemplative dimension to their Punk Rock sound. We highly recommend an immersive listening of 'Heart In The Whole' or even better...get out to see these guys live during their ongoing concert tour, 'The Clown’s Reflection', as you won't want to miss it!


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