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THE GOA EXPRESS release final single 'It's Never Been Better' ahead of their debut album!

The self-titled debut album from THE GOA EXPRESS is just around the corner and if you needed any evidence of the quality the record will hold then this final single 'It's Never Been Better' is the perfect statement. Anthemic, DMAs esc rhythms and singalong melodies are in abundance as well as their trademark sunny, city sound that will make you feel like you’re getting high with your best mates in Platt Fields park on a hot summers day.

Photo Credit: Cal Moore

There's an emotive depth to the track; a poignant undercurrent that would fit perfectly to the montage in a coming of age movie as it sings of summer romances and the fading memories of that special feeling. The jangly Indie sound combined with a soaring synth line really eleavates the impact of the melodies and perfectly encapsulates the sound of the album as a whole!

Their album is out on December 1st and they headline our live showcase on December 2nd at EBGBs, Liverpool to celebrate the release.

Get tickets for their Liverpool show here! Pre-Order the album here!


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