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The Criticals - High Life Clinic

'High Life Clinic' from The Criticals perfectly blends their signature energetic style with edgy attitude which comes naturally for the Rock duo.

The Nashville band were formed back in 2018 by Parker Forbes and Cole Shugart and showcase the swagger and style of rock heavy weights such as The Stone Roses, The Strokes and The Libertines which is very evident in their latest track. They create a classic rock and roll sound with electrifying guitar melodies and powerful drums grooves. The hard-hitting lyrics combine with the forceful sound to build a distinctive track that grabs your attention from the off.

'High Life Clinic' features Parker Forbes’ smooth vocals that partners perfectly with guitarist Cole Shugart’s hard-hitting riffs. When the chorus hits you are immediately caught in the swirling chaos. The well written lyrics allow the listener to almost create a narrative to go along with this track adding a poignant, personal touch.

The momentum created in the opening few seconds flows perfectly throughout the whole track, giving it a perfect wavelength of slow and fast melodies.The highlight of this track has to be from the bridge onwards where we return to the opening lyrics and the track erupts into garage rock glory. This new track is featured on The Criticals latest album ‘Sour Grapes’ which is jam packed with more of the bands high energy sound and aggressive, in- your- face song writing.

Listen to 'High Life Clinic' on our LISTEN UP playlist!!


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