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The Clockworks release powerful new single 'Mayday Mayday' ahead of debut album 'EXT STRATEGY'!

Irish punk-rockers The Clockworks are all about meaning and intent and have slowly built themselves up to being one of the most exciting new Post-Punk bands around. Their second single of the year, aptly titled ‘Mayday Mayday’, cements that status and then some.

The summer of 2023 saw the release of ‘Westway’, a cinematic, dreamlike cavernous song that sounds as if it could be the perfect soundtrack to your final days of summer vacation. In stark contrast, their latest single is loud, fast and most definitely in your face. With thick bass lines, rapid-fire hats and deep, almost tribal drums, the band provide the perfect canvas for lead singer James McGregor’s’ timely observations.

Dreaded morning commutes and political apathy are on the menu, with a healthy side order of looming financial insecurity. Considering the cost of living crisis that burdens so many of us at the moment, they couldn’t have picked a more appropriate moment to release this striking new single.

It’s the kind of wonderfully diverse song that will get everyone on their feet shouting at the top of their lungs at gigs, whilst simultaneously providing some thoughtful and necessary observations on the UK’s financial, political and social woes.

If their upcoming debut album 'EXIT STRATEGY' continues with this form, the band will have most definitely lived up to those grand expectations. With this new single, there’s no reason to think this album won’t be one to remember!


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