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The best Liverpool based music / gig photographers!

This is a shout out to all the amazing photographers across Liverpool / Merseyside who help capture our music scene. They help bring artists’ visions to life through stunning press shots and capture the beauty of live performances by working tirelessly at gigs night after night. Our magazine would be nothing without them and they all deserve a HUGE thank you! Here's a rundown of just SOME of the best music photographers across the region.

We can't overstate how good Charlie is! He has taken iconic press shots for some of the city's biggest artists such as Courting, STONE, The Mysterines and many more and the photo below was our Issue 5 cover. If you are a local band struggling to find your visual identity or simply just looking to reflect your new release in a new round of press shots then Charlie is your man.

If you've been following our Instagram you will have likely seen Dylan's photos of acts like Yard Act and Red Rum Club popping up regularly on our page. He has covered multiple of our live showcases and is images of often featured in our print issues. He is one of the most reliable and affordable photographers around and can cover both live shows and press shots.

Marieke's photography is truly special. Best known for creating stunning press shots for artists like Bill-Ryder Jones, PIXEY, Trout, Martha Goddard and many more, she is also the resident photographer for Green Man Festival. She has a wonderful ability to capture the essence of an artist's aesthetic in her photos.

Nathan's images are always stunning! After seeing his live shots of our live showcase at Kazimier Stockroom we instantly changed our plans for our third print issues and stuck his incredible picture on the cover. He has recently been out on tour working with the Mercians and also works closely with local acts such as Wull and Permanent Joy.

A legend of the Liverpool music scene, Johnsy is always out and about covering shows left right and centre. When she's not promoting gigs under her Johnsyshots presents moniker, she's capturing them on camera. She's covered major events such as Liverpool Sound City, Boardmasters and Parklife and her pictures have featured in countless issues of our print magazine.

Best known as the resident photographer & videographer for Crawlers, documenting their incredible journey and almost becoming a fifth member of the band, Jess also creates stunning live photos from festivals such as Liverpool Sound City and press shots for acts like Shefu.

One of the soundest photographers around, Millie never fails to disappoint! Her style is incredibly versatile and she has now began making vide content too so you can book her in and kill two birds with one stone.

A firm favourite on the local scene, Jenn AKA Lens of a wool is repping the Wirral heads in style with her iconic live photos! As well as crating music videos and crisp photo shoot content, she loves to play with light and movement to create unique, atmospheric photos.

Charlie AKA @scrawny_nan is part of the BOOT - - - MUSIC family, he's taken some incredible live shots for us over the years and is amazing photos of Georgia Johnson (pictured below) will feature in our upcoming print issue once again. He has also created music videos which you can view on his Instagram.

Maya's photography is striking and has an amazing range! Although she has a particular love for gritty, Black and White shots that capture the moody Rock energy of her subjects, she also creates stunning colour shots and is comfortable with photoshoots and live photography.


Polyphonica have an incredible studio in town from which they offer stunning professional shoots, yet, they are also the resident photographer down at the Jacaranda and Jacaranda Baltic covering their many in-store shows.

Better known as @lukedoesvisuals , Luke Blake, is one of those photographers who sometimes slips under the radar, creating amazing shots across live shows and festivals throughout the North-West. Occasionally you'll find yourself puasing to admire a fantastic live shot on your insta timeline, wondering who took it, only to realise....'of course, it's Luke again!'. Luke never dissapoints!

Known as @_forphotography on Instagram, Faye can be found covering anything from festivals, intimate live shows and professional photoshoots. She covered the launch of our third print issue at Sotto with some great pictures of More In Luv!


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