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Thai Rock outfit PANICIAN return in style with anthemic single full of Brit Pop nostalgia!

You only have to glance at the explosive artwork of Thai Rock outfit PANICIAN’s new single ‘I Am Supernova’ to understand the energy and spirit that is put into the track. The drum tone is big and rounded while the guitars are fuzzy and build up a dense wall of sound that’s full of gritty tones and distorted melodies. Echoing the anthemic, drawn out vocal styles of 90s Mancunian acts such as Oasis and The Stone Roses, PANICIAN have sampled a slice of British nostalgia and added their Thai flair into the mix.

The rhythm is constantly rambling, perpetual and never slows down! However it is not simply a shallow attempt at recreating noisy northern swagger, the technical ability shines through too, with constant scratching guitar flicks providing a flavoursome backdrop and proving that these guys have the gusto to back up their sonic style. The thought of seeing these guys play live in a sweaty basement on the other side of the world is enough to ignite, any music lovers traveller instinct!


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