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Swedish Indie Pop songwriter Varas releases new single 'Gotta Go'!

Benjamin Muñoz Varas is the self-taught producer, singer and songwriter that goes under the moniker Varas. With roots in Chile, Varas grew up in a small town called Götene in Sweden and has been gaining attention from across Europe thanks to his undeniably catchy songwriting style that evokes the very best vibes of 90s/00s Indie, with a dose of Hip-Hop influence to add another layer of flair. His new single 'Gotta Go' was made during the same sessions as his second EP ‘There You Go!’, released back in March and it is another sign that he is not slowing down for anyone!

The single is packed full of energy, with layer upon layer of instrumental production combining for a huge sound that rings of Kasabian's stadium-filling anthems. The Rock chords add a gritty undertow while the funky beat leads the charge, combining with the sample sounding vocal hooks in a slick, groove-laiden style. It is reminiscent of that beautiful period when Hip-Hop and Indie merged to produce music such as Wretch 32's 'Unorthodox' which sampled 'Fools Gold' and Gorillaz who let this genre melding.

Varas' lead vocals have a gentle swagger to them, intentionally remaining reserved to draw your attention inwards onto his voice, allowing the infectious instrumental layers to build around him before exploding back into the big beat sound. Definitely a track for your next Indie party!


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