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STONE - Live @ Liverpool 02 Academy

Liverpool's rowdiest newcomers on the block, STONE, have gone from strength to strength in the past few months, releasing anthem after anthem. Their brazen Punk attitude and in-your-face Rock sound is hard to ignore but more than anything, it feels purpose built for the live environment so what better way to sample it than at their biggest ever hometown show.

Credit: Isaac Lamb

The 02 Academy is a milestone for any band from the city. It facilitates the transition from local legends to national stardom and it is a true test of a band's performance ability. It is one thing to create a high-intensity show in a sweaty basement venue but to replicate this on the huge, raised stage of the 02 is another thing all together yet STONE took it in their stride.

A run of energy-building Indie hits rang around the venue before they even came on stage, as if the whole crowd had just emerged from a full night out at Shindie. STONE then ploughed through their ever-growing repertoire of Punk infused stompers. 'Let Go', 'Leave It Out' and 'Waste' radiated almost overwhelming waves of angsty swagger, vicious attitude and pure Rock and Roll passion. Sonically tight and cocksure in their on-stage bravado, the performance of all 4 members was channeling the same high-octane energy that was met with a euphoric chaos in the crowd.

It was fantastic to see how much all the band were thoroughly enjoying their performance and this pleasure was infectious! Humorous explantations of the 'Left, Right, Forward' dance and the unusual first meeting of some of the bandmates punctuated the set with wholesome glimpses into their personalities. The best example of this coming when frontman Fin Power told the tale of how the band gained all its members before bursting into the final encore of 'Money' which was the perfect ender. The track has all the Alternative scouse swagger that has come to epitomise their fanbase, a danceable rhythm and a vocal chorus that begs to be sang back plus an anthemic, poignant quality that felt fitting for such a big moment in the band's trajectory.

The evening was everything a homecoming show should be. Plenty of hometown references, an impassioned, heart-felt performance that generated a huge energy throughout the entire crowd and a collective sense that this was a night that would become historic in the story of STONE as they undoubtedly go on to achieve HUGE things in the years to come.


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