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Soulful songwriter Kenny Sharp releases one of the love song's of the year in 'The Louvre'!

You can't help but be instantly entranced by the slick, soulful groove of Kenny Sharp's new single 'The Louvre'. He describes his sound as 'brown liquor music' and this rich, smooth feel is as wonderful as ever on this latest release. Opening with a gentle, guitar line, setting up the soothing groove, the drums kick in providing that crunchy punch that drives this track along. These drums are hugely important, leading with a Jazz swing but delivered with the hard hit of a Hip-Hop beat to create an infectious rhythm.

You are then blessed by Kenny's super smooth vocal melodies that capture all the romance and beauty of the lyrical sentiments and delivery wonderfully charming harmonies throughout. The backing vocals bring a brightness while the occasional guitar line adds even more soulful swagger into the mix.

The best moments come when the big instrumentation drops out momentarily leaving you with just the delicate piano and Kenny's voice, centring your focus on the beauty of his sick melody before diving back into the big band sound that is full of a swooping, romantic drama. This is one of those tracks you just don't get bored of and it is one of the best love songs of the year!


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