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"Sometimes things just have to be said" - An interview W/ Dee Rae

Following in the footsteps of the likes of Abbie Ozard and Phoebe Green, Manchester's Dee Rae is the latest Indie Pop starlet of the North-West and has just arrived with her debut single, 'Silver Wallet'. It is a track that demonstrates a maturity in songwriting and arrangement that is rare to find in a debut release. Jangly Indie Pop guitars create a serene sonic landscape yet, it is Dee's vocals that take centre stage, leading you on a tumbling melodic journey from the bittersweet musings of the verse to the uplifting brightness of the chorus. We sat down to speak with Dee to find out more about the lyrical and sonic influences behind 'Silver Wallet' and the logistical and emotional realities of releasing your debut single as a solo artist.

Congrats on releasing your debut single! How have you found the reception?

"The reaction to the single has been amazing!! I'm so pleased with how the release went and everyone has been so lovely about the track which means so much to me!! I have the most amazing group of mates who support me through everything and they have been so so amazing throughout the whole process".

Can you tell us about the lyrical meaning behind Silver Wallet?

"I wrote Silver Wallet about the barriers, such as age, femininity and money, that get in your way when trying to start out in a creative career (a bit niche haha). Especially the feeling that you have an ’expiry date’ based on how you look, compared to your male counterparts who go on for years to become ‘’legends” instead. Perhaps a bit of a bold topic to pick for my debut single but sometimes things just have to be said (or disguised by metaphors). However, my drummer did think it was about having a sugar daddy when she first heard it so please feel free to interpret it how you wish ;)".

What kind of moments is the new single written for?

"Perfect for warm pints in the park but also a good song to listen to when staring out of a rainy bus window".

Was it hard picking which track to release to the world first or was Silver Wallet always the one?

"Not really, I always knew it was gonna be Silver Wallet. I wanted to make a big and bold statement with my first release (and also all of my other songs are far too sad for a debut single haha".

Did you feel at all nervous releasing her debut song and is it a vulnerable feeling putting out your personal creative expression for the work to critique?

"Tbh it was pretty terrifying. I don't have a very thick skin so maybe I need some proper critique to toughen me up haha!! It's definitely still a process of finding exactly what I want my sound to be but Silver Wallet has been a great bookmark for all the work that has gone into the project so far".

What music has influenced your style on Silver Wallet?

"I always wish I could say something cooler than this but, in reality, I grew up around a lot of really folky music (like proper tin whistles and fiddles kinda folk) so I do think that has quite a large influence on my songwriting ! In more recent years, I’ve mostly been influenced by modern, female indie artists like Snail Mail and The Japanese House aswell as bands like The Beths and New Dad".

What other emerging artists should people be listening to?

"My producer Tilly Louise has her own solo project which is amazing- really fun indie pop vibes!! My mates May Payne, Yasmin Coe and Mollie Coddled are also doing some really big things at the moment so buzzing to see what happens for them in the next few months!! Feel very lucky to be surrounded by such talented and supportive people and I could gush about them for ages if you let me haha".



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