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Solo Rocker Issy Sutcliffe returns with new single 'FERAL!'

With the spirit of Punk and a groove-driven Garage Rock sound, Issy Sutcliffe’s music oozes with her own personality.

Her new track ‘FERAL!’ breathes with the same energy as the track suggests. Deep breathes and pants at the start if the track instantly hint at its primal intentions and the lyrics that follow carry on in the same vein, building an animalistic semantic field.

The raw drum rhythm is reminiscent of acts like The Gories while the gritty guitar tone has a Courtney Barnett esc feel.

The high octane build up towards the finale minute has a captivating tension and inviting danger. Finally, the wonderfully fuzzy and abrasive guitar texture that enters towards the end completely encapsulates the ‘feral’ feeling.

A hypnotic swagger-filled track that perfectly matches its lyrical sentiments in style, sound and production.


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