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Sir Jay - Big Waves

They always say that Scandinavia is one of the happiest places in the world, boasting one of the highest levels of life satisfaction. This seems to show in the music that comes out of those countries as they produce some of the most uplifting and satisfying tracks in the Indie sphere. Finland’s Sir Jay does just this in his latest EP ‘Big Waves’.

The Helsinki based singer-songwriter dances between a low-key, heartfelt aesthetic and an anthemic rising sound. The first three tracks on the EP create the calming ambience you would expect from similar Scandinavian artists such as Swedish group Junip, mapping the nordic landscape with soft, warming guitar tones. They are blissful and carry a natural charm, perfect for those care-free days in the countryside.

However, on the third track ‘Forest House’ you begin to see glimpses of the other side of Sir Jay with more instrumental elements thrown into the mix a bigger, more grand atmosphere is created. This is then carried forward onto the title track ‘Big Waves’ which is certainly the highlight of the EP. The rolling electronic guitar creates a more energy driven feel and builds into a soaring chorus packed full of uplifting, natural power.

The EP showcases song curation of Sir Jay and whether you want scenic relaxation or empowering energy, ‘Big Waves’ takes you on a mountain road trip leaving you refreshed on the other side.


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