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Silent Attic - Escape

Words from @emmie.journalism

In a time where music is constantly evolving, it’s hard to find that unique sound that captures the essence of true talent and musicality. But German Indie-rock four-piece Silent Attic have done just that, creating a sound that’s raw and gritty, yet soothing and elegant. They really are a band with lots to offer.

Made up of Eros Atmus Isler (Singer/Guitar), Leon Paul Paulsen (Guitar), Benjamin Bajramovic (Bass) and Mail Klink (Drums), Silent Attic have been creating music since 2018. Their latest 5 track EP ‘Escape’ is certified to follow that road of greatness. Sailing with a sound that’s filled with catchy hooks and dynamic melodies, make sure to turn your volume up! Because missing out on a band like this would be a huge mistake, trust me.

Built on an undercurrent that’s saturated with classic rock motifs ‘Escape’ is a virtual heaven for the old indie faithful. Providing something new in each track that’s played, you know this is an album you can never get bored of listening to. In true indie-rock style, there is a theme of feisty guitar riffs and pounding toms, creating a heart-thumping beat that drives you up on your feet, cascading a feeling of empowerment and relief. Such fiery instrumentals allow for the perfect accompaniment to Eros’s vocals. Vocals which are stripped down to the core and expel true emotion.

Taking centre stage however is opening track ‘Take My Time’. Not only a blessing to the ear, but a poetic masterpiece. A narration woven together with such rich lyricism, allowing an ‘escape’ from reality, transporting you to into reverie where only you can be seen. If you’re looking for a break from life, a moment of peace, or simply a time to sing your heart out, then Silent Attic are the ones for you.


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