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Scrappy Aussie outfit Rancid Eddie gear up for debut album

Aussie quintet Rancid Eddie have been riding the wave of the country’s scrappy rock scene with acts like The Chats shooting to international fame in recent years. As the name suggests they indulge in the messy, unrefined and, at times, crude side of songwriting with tracks like ‘Dry’ almost sounding like those piss-taking songs that most bands would write in rehearsal and never follow through.

Yet, these tracks still offer adept musicianship and undeniably memorable hooks that will get you singing along to the most bizarre of lyrics. They blend coastal Indie Rock with their youthful, hormone fuelled energy producing songs that are down to earth and full of an audible camaraderie.

However, what sets them apart from a lot of similar scrappy Aussie acts is their ability to shift into more poignant realms. Their 2022 single ‘Tiger Love’ once again uses the seemingly crude lyricism of “cigarettes only after sex when you’re living with your ex” while delivering it a rich, emotive manor with classic piano and anthemic rock drums/guitar creating a huge sound fit for a stadium. Their ability to elevate the meaning of any storyline with their music is unique and on this occasion made ‘Tiger Love’ one of our favourite tracks from last year!

They have recently returned to their more loose, Rock infused roots with the Surf Curse cover ‘Freaks’. The stripped back, live production enhances this camaraderie and the feel-good gang spirit of the band. Their ability to combine Punk sensibilities and raw, Skate/Surf aesthetic with more melodic and emotive moments really puts them at the forefront of the Aussie scene and promises lots more to come in 2023 as they gear up for their debut album.


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