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Scandi Sounds: Six of our favourite upcoming Scandinavian artists!


As we’re nearing the end of the summer season, Glyy’s recent release ‘Dior’ is a song to keep summer going into the colder months. With its lively instrumentation and feel-good vibes, ‘Dior’ is an exciting debut single which introduces its listeners to the groovy music of Glyy. This self- published and multi-instrumentalist group from Stolkholm and Uppsala in Sweden seeks to combine indie-pop and neo-soul to create distinctive and memorable pop music. The band’s members include Alex Band (guitar), Daniel Thorell (Keyboard and Cello), David Rapp (Vocals) and Fernando Hermida (Bass).

Together, the members of Glyy are all about finding the fine line between what is popular and what has never been heard before. ‘Dior’ has a catchy, simple melody, which paired with the somewhat quirky instrumentation, makes for a light-hearted and summery track. Regarding the lyrics, the band have said in their own words: ‘We ended up with some tasteful, mildly R-rated lyrics representing a male perspective on the desire between two lovers.’ The sensual lyrics at points contrast the energetic and cheerful instrumentation, perhaps fusing excellently to create a unique and stimulating first single for Glyy.

Simon Alexander

Since his emergence onto the modern Folk scene in 2017, Simon Alexander has provided a catalogue of refreshing songs. This singer-songwriter has experienced a rise in popularity on the west coast of his home nation, Sweden, and it isn’t difficult to see why. His combination of resonant lyrics and heartfelt melodies blend together perfectly to enrapture his listeners, capturing a tender sense of nostalgia. In ‘Along Came June’ he veers away from modern Folk (like that which he favoured in his previous two albums ‘Riverine’ and ‘A Place to Call Home’) towards a more Alternative, Indie Rock sound; this is a move which adds a gritty depth to his sound.

He said of his own single, "It's a song about watching your own back as summer also draws out the more animalistic side of man". This ‘animalistic side’ is a tangible presence in the music due to the electric guitar and drums beneath the melody which add a musical bite to the lyrics;

‘Getting lost in each other

Feeling freed by the weather

They didn't know any better

Cause all they want

Is to feed off their hunger.’

Despite this, Simon Alexander’s smooth vocals and hypnotic voice provide just enough balance to maintain the relaxing, drowsy tone that warrants a name like ‘Along Came June’. Look no further for a perfect mix of atavistic energy and summer ennui.

The Lost Weekend

After emerging last year with their debut two singles, Danish newcomers The Lost Weekend have kept up their momentum in 2022 with two more tracks, 'A Whisper In Time' and 'What's My Dream'. The first is quite a vocal track, using the raspy, emotive delivery to create a captivating Indie Rock anthem that rings of later Kings Of Leon.

More recently, 'What's My Dream' has utilised the two best elements of their sound that combine to make an audible showcase of their abilities. The vocals drive the early moments of the track once again with the irresistibly pained vocal style that dances on the edge of breaking point. The instrumentals are atmospheric, providing a shoegaze surrounding that draws you into a soundscape of tangles guitar lines and echoed electro subtleties. However, the song that comes alive in the chorus with a more angular, direct Rock riff that has a beautifully fuzzy Pop Rock tone that radiates a bright energy, complimented by a soaring vocal line. Their music is poignant and hugely atmospheric, definitely a sound you can get lost in!

The Shatterheads

With their first single since their self-titled debut album in 2020, Indie Rock quintet The Shatterheads encapsulate the youthful optimism of summer om ‘A Friend with a Car’. Hailing from Malmo, Sweden, the group consists of Philip Vaduva (vocals), Kristian Lindberg (drums), Sanna Nyman (bass), Joseph Jeppsson (guitar) and Samuel Nilsson (guitar). Their 2020 debut album was a well put together project which harnessed the distinctive whiny vocals of Punk Rock and combined them with the snappy, thumping guitar riffs of Indie Rock. Their new release keeps to these foundations, whilst adding a psychedelic undertone.

Upbeat and catchy, the instrumentation consists of rhythmic drums, nonchalant guitar melodies and a twinkling, psychedelic keyboard performance. These components come together to infuse the track with a summery rhythm which you can’t help but bob your head along to. Steeped in summer romanticism, the meaning of the lyrics is pretty straight forward. It’s an ode to that one friend who’s always up for starting up their car and taking off with you. Adding a new element to the band’s sound, ‘A Friend with a Car’ is the first track to be taken from The Shatterheads second album release, due in 2023.


Spitting at the mic with a growling, angst-ridden delivery, Danish trio Farveblind's new single is not one for the faint hearted. Featuring guest Lucy Love on vocals, the band manage to concoct a fearsome Electro Rock blend that fans of SNAYX, Kid Kapichi or YONAKA will love! Usually, their sound is full of dense electronic beats that are abrassive and filled with a certain dirty, underground flavour while the vocals verge on the edge of rap, being delivered with a punchy arrogance.

This Lucy Love feature maintains this style but perhaps allows the band to focus their full attention on the gritty Rock rumble that sustain an infectious energy throughout the verses as well as the bouncing Dance beats that lift off the chorus. The unapologetic aggression within the lyrics is empowering and when placed on top of the tension packed, danceworthy soundtrack, is perfectly built for a sweaty Electro Rock rave. This is Rock at its most club ready and Dance at its most rebellious.

Disco Arcade

Disco Arcade’s third single 'Paint You Wings' continues to firmly mark their place in the Synth Pop scene. Their first single, 'Addicted', came out in Autumn 2021, followed by the glorious 'What’s Going On', both very bold and big-sounding, following in the footsteps of bands such as Fickle Friends, and they do a great job of modernising that much-loved 80s sound.

Formed in Sweden, the six-piece Disco Arcade began making demos which have now evolved into a gorgeous sound, confident of where they’re headed. Paint You Wings tell the tale of meeting someone on a night out that you click with, but not catching their name or number and therefore probably never seeing them again.

The track shimmers and soars, opening with drums, synths, and a guitar that cries out joyously. The drums carry the rhythm perfectly, layered underneath the vocals, and the melody worms itself into your ears. There is a lot of space in the verses, building up to the euphoric chorus. “You’re like a song that I heard on the radio, can’t get you off my mind” vocalist Hanna Einebrant belts. The enthusiasm is definitely inferred, I hope they find each other again one day.


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