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Sara Rachele - Scorpio Sun

When new tunes come through our door, we are normally on the look out for new energy that grabs us from the first note; young bands who have real potential to infect the indie world with their spirit. We like tracks that pack a punch and create a big sound! However, there are a few occasions where the more stripped back and atmospheric tones manage to connect with us. In the years that we have been writing about new music, Sara Rachele is probably the artist who has achieved this with the most force.

2020 saw her release her 4th album and by far the most complete. Her distinctive jangly guitar style produces a swirling atmosphere that echoes through the speakers and makes you feel immeasurably close with the sound. Tracks like ‘Dugan’s Doorstep’ build from a low-tempo folk opening to a powerful and catchy chorus that emanates a natural rhythm that is too tempting not to join in with. Even without the help of any percussion or electric elements, Rachele creates such a strong flow that you can almost hear a full band behind her.

The final track on the record, ‘Lover Can’t You Just Get Over It’ showcases her song writing craft, often using a sonic eb and flow. This creates a tidal sound that sinks down for brief moments allowing you to catch your breath before plunging back into the depths of her soaring vocals. The album as a whole is impressive and certainly one to look out for but what really makes it is the opening track, ‘Still Alive’.

‘Still Alive’ holds a emotive, timeless quality that has made it one of our songs of the year! The passion is raw and unrelenting, channelling a poignancy that is so difficult to create.


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