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San Diego's femme-punk quartet, Doll Riot, are back with new angst-ridden single 'Get A Life'

Introducing San Diego's fiercest femme-punk quartet, Doll Riot, who have sprung onto the scene in rapid fire this year. Their debut three-track EP was full of high-energy, Garage-Rock chorus' that were instantly appealing with their simplistic construction and purposefully scrappy delivery. It showcased the Doll Riot manifesto clearly, channeling all their pent up frustrations into short and sharp direct hits of Riot Grrrl fury.

Now, their new single 'Get A Life' has followed up in the same vain. At only 2 minutes and 20 seconds, this track wastes no time in getting its message across. Thick riffs barrel out of the traps and ring of true 70s Punk before the harsh vocal tones of Elena Olszak spit a venomous angsty flow of lyrics on top. It is proper, raw Garage Rock at its purest and it is audibly evident that this can't have been written anywhere else than a cramped basement. Despite the harsh, rebellious enslaught and uncompromising lyrics, the band still leave room for a punchy chorus with big drum stabs and a unified call of "Get a life, ride a bike" that will make you want to chant the words back at the top of your voice. These guys aren't for the faint hearted and they have more music coming soon...


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