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  • Ben Taylor

Salford's Idle Hours return with wonderfully absurd single 'In Lipstick'!

Idle Hours continue their track record of making the complicated feel easy and fascinating with their new single 'In Lipstick'.

Stumbling over sections of the song, the band even break time signature at moments as the guitar and bass play in unison in the refrain. From this refrain, the instrumentation only becomes more grand as the vocal builds up a rant of unrelated statements. However, all of the said rant seemingly comes together under the umbrella of contrasts unimportant and important things ending on the line "but my God, it feels so good".

The song itself focuses on the surreal concept of identity theft by a "life-size inflatable person". Lead vocalist Jack Waldron really shines on this tune, some of the high notes reached by Waldron demonstrate another side to the group. The echoing guitars accompany the sometimes psychotic vocal lines when the frontman gradually loses control and declares the single’s namesake "that’s a face drawn in lipstick" repeatedly.

Overall, the track is a successful execution of the absurd and the spoken word form over harsh guitars swooping across the track. This is definitely one for fans of Do Nothing, the lyrics and the delivery of them remind us of the very casual spoken parts mixed in with attractive melodic spiels in songs by the Nottingham four-piece.

The artwork is one to focus on too, it’s very impressive with a dosage of red lipstick across a bathroom sink, the style looking almost Aardman-like.

Idle Hours embark on their first ever show in the US of A next week which is incredibly exciting, everything's coming up Milhouse for the Salford band.


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