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Phoebe Go teases her upcoming EP with beautifully intimate new single 'Hey'

Australian singer-songwriter Phoebe Go has further launched her solo career with her hauntingly beautiful new single ‘Hey’. She has also announced the release date of her upcoming EP 'Player' which is due on October 28th.

After being part of several band projects throughout her teenage years (Snakadaktal) and her mid-twenties (Two People), Phoebe Go has started to find her way as a solo artist, with a string of single releases. In her own words, it’s her "solo mission".

‘Hey’ is a dedication to Phoebe Go’s cousin, who sadly passed away a few years ago. The single exposes Go’s connection with emotional and story-based songwriting, creating something stunningly simple but deeply moving at the same time. Her soothing tone is met with overlapping guitar patterns and ethereal backing vocals, is uncomplicated, but still so effective. The vulnerability in her lyrics and voice, make it easy to see a story through her eyes, making this single all the more meaningful:

When I couldn’t sleep ‘cause I heard a scream

So I took a walk and it followed me…

Stopped looking for the last escape

When I realised there were no gates…


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