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Pentire release debut EP 'Now In A Minute' just in time to soundtrack your summer!

Undoubtedly one of our favourite new indie offerings in the UK are Pentire who have just released a brand new EP just in time to soundtrack your summer. The 6-track release, ‘Now In A Minute’ is full of festival-ready anthems that ring of Catfish and the Bottlemen as well as a few deeper cuts such as ‘Drive You Home’ and ‘How Have You Been Sleeping’ that shed a light on their more intimate, emotive abilities.

‘Give Me A Reason’ stands out with its infectious vocal refrain that is filled with a bittersweet emotion that is uplifting yet with a heartbreaking undercurrent. Either way you’ll find yourself wanting to scream that line “give me a reason” at the top of your lungs.

‘Kick Me When I’m Weak’ offers the most endergy inducing moment on the EP with a piercing and crashing drum rhythm that create a dense chorus perfect for a sweat mosh pit. The vocals match this intensity and deliver a powerful performance that radiates with a fantastic swagger.

‘How Would Someone Else Do It?’ showcase both sides of the sonic palette with moments of soaring euphoria and suspenseful tension building colliding in close quarters.

A brilliant 6-track collection that shows just why they are one of the most promising new indie outfits.


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